Bennigan’s Making Comeback

by Steven Doyle

We have been hearing about Bennigan’s quite a bit lately and see they are attempting a come back from the annihilation of the brand. The Metro Media Group who owned the brand along with Steak and Ale, filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy causing the many locations to go dark seemingly over night. 

That was nearly three years ago. The bankruptcy didn’t totally kill the brand off. There were franchisee hold-outs that have continued to operate, and now Bennigan’s Franchising Company, which is operated out of Richardson, Texas is plotting a more magnanimous come back seeking new spaces in the North Texas area.

There is currently a search for a flagship location in Dallas with a focus on Plano, Richardson and Addison as the target areas.

Soon you will be able to enjoy the Monte Cristo and broccoli cheese soup once again.


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3 responses to “Bennigan’s Making Comeback

  1. Uppercase Matt

    I don’t think “enjoy” quite captures the experience.

  2. beckycat2828

    Glad to hear it. I loved Bennigan’s! I also hope Steak and Ale makes a comback too.

  3. yeah, bennigan’s can stay out of the area and i wont lose any sleep. it was overpriced food built for the masses that used cheap ingrediants. no thanks! 🙂

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