People’s Choice Award: Best Pub

by Steven Doyle

As we graze through summer we have been asking you to vote for the best of the best in DFW. This past week we voted on the best pub, and the people have spoken.  As we waded through the various entries we could not help but smile recalling great evenings at every pub mentioned, they are all great Dallas institutions in their own right. 

Certainly the Old Monk has the best Fish and Chips in Dallas, and we adore their patio. 

In past weeks we discovered the best hamburgers, best cocktails and even the best food trucks roaming the city streets. Today we announce the winner of the best pub in DFW, and that top honor goes to The Common Table in Uptown Dallas.

Their beer selection is honest and pure, and the Common table has been ever vigilant about improving the way they bring beer to their patrons. The food is pretty damned good, too.

So we bestow all the glory and bragging rights that go along with this award to The Common Table. In addition we are also sending out a craveDFW gift certificate worth $50 to reader “Kim”.

Next week we have one of the few remaining People’s Choice Awards for the Summer. Check back in with us.

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