Libertine Vegan Beer Dinner

by Melissa Brenner

The Libertine Bar has announced another Vegan Beer Dinner! After the success and sell out (plus a waiting list) of the last vegan dinner, the next event has been on the minds of The Libertine Bar staff. The turnout plus the fun and challenge of creating an all vegan dinner and beer pairing was a surprise and motivator to make it a regularly occurring affair.  

Super Chef Taylor McCreary has selected a spicy theme for this month’s dinner. His focus is on the different types of spice and chilies, not just all out fire breathing hot peppers (so don’t worry if you are not a fan or not able to handle hot and spicy). His creative use of all things veggie is a thing of wonder.

McCreary doesn’t rely on mock meats or any vegan substitute items (other than the occasional Earth Balance), but delights in fresh produce and spices for phenomenal flavor combinations.

Beers have not been announced, but they will be from BridgePort Brewing. Each course will be accompanied by a complementary beer, a full serving mind you…not just a tasting. All of the beers have been carefully selected and verified vegan by the in-house beer guru, Maté Harati.

Spicy Vegan Theme1st Course: Roasted Jalapeño stuffed with Mushroom Duxelles
2nd Course: Wok Tossed Green Beans and Daikon Strips with Peanut Curry
3rd Course: Ghost Pepper Soup
4th Course: Smoked Veggie BBQ Platter with Twice Baked Potato with Celery Root, Artichoke, Eggplant, and Asparagus
5th Course: Sweet Chile Glazed Pineapple and Strawberry TrifleTickets are $50 for 5 courses with paired beer and $35 without the beer (for our non drinking and on the wagon friends). Reservations are required and can be made with the super friendly staff at 214-824-7900.

This event will sell out, so don’t delay!  

Anyone that doesn’t get in before tickets are snagged will be able to read (and perhaps cry over missing) about every delectable bite and sip on Crave DFW.


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  1. The beers are actually from Bridgeport Brewery out of Portland, Oregon. But it’s still gonna be awesome!

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