Sky Fish to Open at Cityville

by Steven Doyle

We had a chance to speak with Kathleen Ellington of Kathleen’s Sky Diner this weekend and she said she is planning a new restaurant that should be ready in soon.  The Cityville Oak Park complex, which houses some very exquisite town homes, had been looking for a new restaurant to open on the street level and Ellington found the location too wonderful to pass up. Ellington said the new restaurant will be called Sky Fish in keeping with her astral theme.

“We will never duplicate the Sky Diner because it takes too much to reproduce.  We tried in Plano and found that it really takes ownership being there around the clock to function properly,” said Ellington.   

The new location will need to overcome a few difficulties such as an extremely expensive Vet-A-Hood  which will cost over $100k because of the 4 floors it will need to pass up through. Once that issue is resolved it will not take long to begin operations.

Ellington shared with us a few menu items she plans to prepare and they include a Seafood Louie which is crab and shrimp with Louie dressing for $15.00; a large collection of Po Boys served with fries for $10.00; Grilled or  Fried Fish Tacos served with rice and beans for $10.00;  Boullibaisse with mussels, littleneck clams, shrimp and fish  for $22.00; and a large variety of items for dinner including a Fisherman’s Platter for $22.00 and Julia Child’s favorite Rainbow Trout Meuniere for $16.00.

In addition to all the bounty of seafood Sky Fish will offer Ellington’s signature desserts including her very wonderful Crack Pie and Bread Pudding. There will also be an ever-changing blackboard menu at the new restaurant.

Cityville is located at 3600 Wheeler at Lemmon Avenue.

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