Zombies Take Deep Ellum

by Steven Doyle            photos by Nick Bostick

As we fast approach Día de los Muertos, the zombies are becoming ever more restless in their fight to stave off their thirst for blood. To quell the search for fresh meat, organizers closed off streets in Deep Ellum this past weekend for a chance to celebrate with food, music and to donate precious blood for Carter Blood Care at the annual Zombie Walk.             

Wandering the streets with brain-lust, zombies enjoyed live music on the stage set up for their entertainment.

More than a few happy zombies made their way into Zen Baking Company Bistro and Dessert Bar , which has fast become so much more than a cakeballery (feel free to use that word) where owners Chonnie Richey and Czarina Hounsel served up a few Filipino treats such as fried intestines, blood stew and braised tongue. The dishes were actually quite amazing and fit the occasion nicely.

Besides rubbing elbows with fellow zombies, we enjoyed music by The Child Forgives and Creates, Dez & the Gypsy Hideout, and the Deer Vibes to name a few.

The Zombie Walk is a great event that is gaining momentum each year. For all the non-zombs check out the official government (Center for Disease Control) response that prepares you for a national zombie disaster.

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