First Look: Campo Open for Biz

Our "head-of-the-class" favorite, the Campo Tripe Salad

by Steven Doyle

If you felt a tremor in the force today you may already know that Campo, the stylish restaurant created by owners  Miguel Vicéns and John Paul Valverde from Coevál Studio, opened their doors to the public.

The restaurant has beautiful fixtures dotting the interior landscape, all designed and hand-crafted in house by the owners.

“We don’t just do design work or architectural work, we concepted this restaurant as one whole thing, even thinking through the menu itself. Everything is related. We used rustic materials in a refined way – clean lines in a design style. We used custom lights that we design and build ourselves. A lot of rustic materials were used in a refined way,” said Vicéns.    

The style they worked towards works very well with the architecture of the building and neighborhood. The sinks are hand-molded concrete, the chairs all built piece-by-piece, and the barstools (which resemble giant butcher blocks) are chiseled by the owners themselves.

As for the food, they brought in chef Matt McCallister to assemble a team of top-notch industry leaders, including The Usual’s Brad Hensarling from Fort Worth.

In a press release Hensarling stated the inspiration for the cocktail menu derives from the restaurant’s South and Central America and Caribbean bent “…these are like the Wild West of spirits production. Pisco, Mescal, Cachaca, Tequila and a variety of rums are the predominant spirits. Combining them with non-alcoholic drinks such as aguas frescas, horchata, frescados and tepache and the rich and unique sugars produced in the region, results in some tasty combinations.”

We will have to wait just a bit longer to sample one of the cocktails as the restaurant has yet to recieve their TABC clearance.  Expect that license to appear soon, until then it is BYOB.

Leg of Lamb

Valverde described the food at Campo as a Buenos Aires inspired menu, but not the street food. It is based on more the European aspect, the French, the Italian direction.”

We tried a few of the menu items and already have some favorites. The prices are extremely conservative, with just a few dishes reaching past the $20 mark.

Cheese selections furnished by Scardello finish off the meal

In addition to McCallister’s signature salumi, you will also find fresh fish, pork and lamb dishes.

Campo is located next to Jonathan’s and Spiral Diner in the old La Carreta Argentina space at 1115 North Beckley Avenue in Oak Cliff.


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  1. was tasty last night. a new favorite

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