Ribald Cakes For That Special Party

by Steven Doyle     photos by Robert Bostick

Last week we stopped in to visit a shop that is not your typical culinary outlet in Dallas. Condom Nation  is now making what we believe to be the only professional ‘porn’ cakes in North Texas. These are the type of cakes you might find at a bachelor or bachelorette party, or perhaps to serve after a particularly bad divorce. There might be other occasions for these pastries, like for your naughtiest friend’s birthday. You get the idea.

Take a jump with us if this is even mildly interesting. This is where you will find the bawdy behavior for today.  The rest of you, stay here.  

We spoke with the store manager, Nikki Nima, and he said they just launched their seasonal line of chocolates. These are not your ordinary chocolates, but they are very, very naughty. the seasonal candies are spiked with holiday flavors like mint.

“We have been doing the cakes and candy for a while, and how it got started was there wasn’t really anyone doing these professionally. So what we did was come up with our own line. Basically, if you are down to get naughty we can make a cake for it,” said Nima.

The cakes that can be ordered from Condom Nation are made in a separate professional facility, and they have plenty of decorations to go on top of them. Without getting graphic, the decorations are life-like for both men and women of any proclivity.

“There are just two flavors of cake, chocolate and vanilla. Basic stuff, but the cakes are really good and you get the shock factor or the funny factor out of it. We also sell the decorations that go on top separately. So you can top your own cake if you wish,” continued Nima.

The cakes start at $50 and with each purchase you get a 15% discount off anything in the store. And there is plenty to choose from for all your party needs from clothing, favors and fun gifts. Those gifts can be fun for Christmas, too.

You will find the store to be extra tidy and the employees extremely professional. Now you may have your cake and giggles and eat it too.

Condom Nation
17977 Preston Road, Dallas

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