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Happy Mom’s Day

by Steven Doyle

It’s Mother’s Day Weekend and the staff at craveDFW asked that I give a shout out to their mothers.  They know who they are and we love you. Now take good care of mom, and we will too.  As for me, I am going to check out Del Frisco is Dallas for their very first Mother’s Day Brunch. David Holben will no doubt take great care of our city full of moms.

If that isn’t your style there are plenty of options. Just flip back through old craveDFW stories. We have written a bajillion brunch stories.  This is my way of saying… it’s happy hour.

Stop in next week where we will have several contests, fun stories, interviews and a look at a very awesome Fort Worth restaurant that I will demand you try. Night ya’ll.

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Chefs For Farmers 2012: Success

by Steven Doyle    photos by Robert Bostick

As the day began the warm sun was breaking through the clouds greeting each visitor to Lee Park for the 2012 Chefs for Farmers “Mixin It Up On The BLVD” event held this past Sunday. I stood with Iris McCallister as bartender phenom Eddie “Lucky” Campbell took the stage to toast the growing crowd at 11:30am. The official toast would be much later in the day, but this one was to thank the many, many farmers, chefs and volunteers that made the event possible. Iris grinned and you could see she was visibly excited and pointed up to the sky where a wispy vertical rainbow had appeared.  This was going to be a fantastic day.    Continue reading

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Support the Red Cross this Weekend! Do-Good Dining and Diversions in Dallas

If you’re planning date night in the Dallas area this weekend or are just looking for a good reason to up the fun-factor on your plans, there are some great local businesses supporting the Red Cross read more at Red Alert

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Have a Safe and Happy St Pats

by Crave Staff

As we get ready for the weekend we wish to thank you for checking out our little website this week.  We considered throwing out a list of places to medicate your liver for  St Pats, but there are plenty of options and we want to get started in on the fun ourselves right away.  We have a crew of camera folks hitting the streets starting tonight, so if you see a craveDFW photog be sure to look extra inebriated.

Be safe and enjoy one of our favorite holidays of the year.  May the hinges of our friendship never grow rusty.


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A Visit to Sublime Chocolate

by Jerry Stewart

There are some fantastic chocolatiers in the DFW area. Certainly much praise has gone towards Dude, Sweet in Bishop Arts, as well as the many others we have reported on in the past year. Last week we had a chance to step up north for a unique and fun chocolate shop called Sublime Chocolate Bar.    Continue reading


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Ribald Cakes For That Special Party

by Steven Doyle     photos by Robert Bostick

Last week we stopped in to visit a shop that is not your typical culinary outlet in Dallas. Condom Nation  is now making what we believe to be the only professional ‘porn’ cakes in North Texas. These are the type of cakes you might find at a bachelor or bachelorette party, or perhaps to serve after a particularly bad divorce. There might be other occasions for these pastries, like for your naughtiest friend’s birthday. You get the idea.

Take a jump with us if this is even mildly interesting. This is where you will find the bawdy behavior for today.  The rest of you, stay here.   Continue reading

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