Food Truck Park to Open in West Dallas

by Steven Doyle

The Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge, which has often been referred to the Bridge to Nowhere certainly has redeemed that notion. As Mike Hiller broke over in December, there will be a multi-acre restaurant wonderland called Trinity Grove. Trinity Grove will encompass over 50 acres and will host restaurant incubations from some of the top chefs of Dallas, plus many springing out for the first time.    

Trinity Grove will feature shops, restaurants, night spots and much more including the home to Sharon Van Meter’s Milestone Culinary Arts Center which will balloon to 10,000 square feet.

More information will be available very soon as far as tenants signing up for the project.

Trinity grove will neighbor another West Dallas project that is similar in nature called Sylvan | Thirty which will also feature incubator restaurants and grocery purveyors.

Today we learn there is one more wrinkle that will fill in the gap between the two projects. There will be a food truck park at 400 West Commerce across the recently opened Foundry. Word is that the park will rival Austin’s Congress Avenue park.

One of the early tenants at the park will be Stephanie Schumacher, owner of La Grange and it will be called… La Grange.

Schumacher’s original dream before opening the Deep Ellum bar was to own a shaved ice truck, but at the time city regulations made it far too difficult. Now that the truck culture has been unleashed she was excited to take another look at her dream truck.

“I’m super excited. We are going to have the normal fun blue staining syrups, got to have those, but also creating infused syrups and fun layered combos,” Schumacher said of her snow truck. Look for family friendly flavors along side some of the more boozy variety.

“Look for the Red Hot Passion- Layered Pasion fruit infused syrup with Habanero syrup and a whisky drizzle. Or just get a rainbow- grape cherry coconut and walk around with a black mouth all day.”

The park will be an actual trailer park with permanant tenants, so you won’t be seeing the wheeled variety pulling into the area.

Most likely we will get a preview of the La Grange truck during the Deep Ellum Arts Fest.

We should be getting more information on the park soon. Look for it to open in April.

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