Cycling in Style

by Katie Minchew

As the famous lyrics from Queen’s “I Want to Ride My Bicycle” play in my head, I recall this past sunny day Saturday when I strolled the West Village streets looking for the promised flash mob of bicyclers. I was sorely disappointed at its absence but quickly charmed back to my jolly mood after chatting with the two head bikers from Dallas Cycle Style, sisters Tracy and Amanda Popken.        

Donning their Oscar best, the girls divulged the beginnings of their growing group while sipping on something strong. Both sisters studied abroad during college (Tracy in China and Amanda in Europe) and fell in love with the lifestyle of their hosts’ habit of walking and cycling to their daily destinations. Back the in U.S., the pair made the change in their own lifestyle, befriending others who did the same along the way.

I was personally a little wary of their claim that one could actually ride in a dress and heels to work without flashing the world or getting plowed by oncoming traffic, but I was proven wrong. This dashing group may have actually inspired me to take a trip to the bike shop and get my front tire fixed so that I too can join the world of cycling. For more information about Dallas Cycle Style’s whereabouts, visit or See ya on the streets!


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