The Midwest Trilogy at Bryant Hall

by Katie Minchew

The Midwest Trilogy by Eric Steele was a powerful, in your face display of the plight of humanity. Combining film with live acting, the production is unique and modern. Focusing on three separate stories of the traveling salesman in harsh corporate America, the play really makes me want to stay in small business, and maybe even go into business for myself to avoid the situations portrayed here.    

On top of giving me a thought-provoking hour and twenty minutes on a Thursday night, attending The Midwest Trilogy allowed me to discover the Second Thought Theatre, which is brilliant. The actors and staff are super nice and talented and it is small enough so that you can stay and chat with the director and all those involved in the production. Nerdy people like me like that.

I might warn some of you though, The Midwest Trilogy is not for everyone. It isn’t a happy production. If you are looking for lighthearted and comical, go see Mary Poppins. But if you are interested in a powerful, brutally honest, culture clashing tale of… life, you will truly enjoy this piece. The Midwest Trilogy runs through April 9, 2012 and you can buy tickets at the door or for $15 online.

I can’t wait for the next production: Bomb-itty of Error–a night of Shakespeare and hiphop, which premiers June 22nd. Spoiler alerts–there will be dancing. Sounds awesome.

Bryant Hall on the Kalita Humphreys Campus
3636 Turtle Creek Blvd.
Dallas, TX 75219

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