Scott Reitz Made Us Giggle

by Steven Doyle

The Observer’s food guru Scott Reitz Tweets like a mad man, something I am terrible at probably because I would rather eat that cheeseburger than Tweet about the damned thing. But I know he has a great sense of humor and today Tweeted a link to something that made me choke on the very same cheeseburger. 

Check out the link to see how Mr. Reitz tickled my fancy. I owe you a beer for this, Scott.


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4 responses to “Scott Reitz Made Us Giggle

  1. Oh my gawd this made my Friday. Thank you Scott.

  2. And at such a flattering angle!

  3. This, literally, almost made me cry it was so hilarious! “You’re like Niki Minague (SP) minus the everything!” “How do you sleep in your car at night?!”

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