Food Photos From The Homefront

You always see the latest dishes from the pros now let’s see yours!  Show us what’s being served at the table closest to home.

Chay Suzara’s (of Chay’s Filipino Cuisine) Pinoy Style Pork BBQ on a stick

If you’ve got something cooking in the kitchen and like to show it off, send a photo and a brief description to


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9 responses to “Food Photos From The Homefront

  1. Where is this wonderful Chay’s Filipino Cuisine located? Me want some Pork BBQ NOW!

  2. These are the most amazing things in the world! I looooove the crispiness the pork gets on the edges. Perfect!

  3. Pete Garcia

    I must say i’ve had the privilege of trying these and they are soo delicious and seasoned perfectly. Some people are blessed with gifts and never use them. I’m soo glad you found yours! Cant wait to try your other Creations! My name is Pedro and i approve this message.

  4. Great job Chay! Creativity in many ways really runs in the family and yours is cooking! Let us try some of those yummy looking BBQ of yours when you get here next year.

    More power!

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