Larry D’s Seafood Market and Grille Opening In Preston Center

by Steven Doyle

A new restaurant is in the works in Preston Center very near Pei Wei. The permit claims it will be Larry D’s Seafood Market and Grille. This photo was sent in by a loverly reader, so I stopped by the weekend for a look-see. Not much more information as of yet, so we will have more info to follow.



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13 responses to “Larry D’s Seafood Market and Grille Opening In Preston Center

  1. Rob

    Its by the former employee’s of Rex’s Seafood – not Rockow as far as I know

  2. Rob

    Good to hear that he got the position – the last time I saw him he was in the final stages of the process. Will be interesting to see how similar this place will be to Rex’s

  3. Eric

    I heard it was set to open this Fall. It’s great to have another fresh market in the area that is family run.

  4. Elizabeth

    I think the “Larry D” must be the former Chef at Rex’s. According to TABC, it’s a mixed beverage license. Rex’s with a bar, and I don’t have to fight lovers lane to get there? Heck yeah! I wonder when they open?

  5. James

    It will be interesting to see how much they copy Rex’s model.

  6. Bunny

    Rockow was never the chef at Rex’s.. He was the fish monger.. Chef Larry Williams was the chef there for about 4years. Then owner Rex got his panties in a wad over sharing the limelight with the family and pushed them out.. I can’t wait for Larry D’s to open its going to be a great addition to the area!

    • Slash

      This is comical

    • Anthony

      Rex’s “panties” were not in a wad. He is simply a business owner that had to move in another direction for his business to continue being successful. After careful deliberation, Rex’s seafood had no choice but to terminate “chef” Larry Williams for the safety of the employees in the restaurant. This restaurant is amazing regardless. The kitchen staff that is responsible for the great food is still at Rex’s and you would be surprised at the new additions and changes for the future of Rex’s. Larry Williams was never the chef at Rex’s to begin with, and they have not been serving food there for 4 years. It personally shocks me that someone would invest in ‘the family’. They obviously did not do their homework, because if they did they would have discovered that Larry was asked to leave after slashing another employees tire during business hours. This is just one incident amongst many that involved ‘the family’ and their abuse of other employees.

  7. Bonnie Wheeler

    Larry, Karen and kids–we can’t wait for you to open. About time! We are now in PARIS but craving a fish fix and SMILES from y’all. Keep us on your list–we want to be there first in line! Bonnie Wheeler and Jeremy Adams (

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