TangoTab Will Make You Feel Good And Feed The Hungry

by Steven Doyle

We get approached quite a bit from the various restaurant “daily deal” companies. You know the businesses that offer half priced dinners where you pay up front and the restaurant itself can barely recoup their food costs. This scenario works for no one in the end.

There is a relatively new company based in Dallas called TangoTab which costs you nothing to join, nothing to use and charges a very small fee to the restaurant.  You are able to look up restaurants on a free app or online based on your criteria and times and discover what is waiting for you. From free appetizers, to half priced dinner and drink specials, these are honest deals that is a super win for all parties.  In Dallas over 600 restaurants already participate.  

That is all something to feel good about, to be sure. But if that wasn’t reason enough to use the service, when you use  TangoTab they donate real cash to feed the hungry. One in six Americans will go to bed hungry tonight and you can help feed your neighbor by using this easy service that donates hard cash to local food banks.

TangoTab actually donates 20% of its revenue to feed the hungry in your neighborhood.  Their mottos is “When you eat, they eat” which is a refreshing change considering the alternatives.

We will be doing some follow up stories on this model very soon, but I wanted to get the word out today so you can load your app and start using the service tonight. When you have an experience, please share them with us. if you already use Tango drop a comment below.

Watch their video here.



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4 responses to “TangoTab Will Make You Feel Good And Feed The Hungry

  1. Slade

    The homeless downtown still look pretty hungry to me. I like the app TabbedOut & wish more actually participated in this service.

  2. Reblogged this on Senator Brett and commented:
    This is a great idea… I think it’s fantastic! Please, read… and join if you are in the Dallas area. It is FREE… and it does good!

    Senator Brett

  3. senatorbrett

    We need a “Fantastic” button on here!

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