Sigels: Hitler Wine Is A No-Sale

by Steven Doyle

A note from Sigel’s booze guru, Jasper Russo, explains that they will not be carrying the historically agressive line of Italian wine by Vini Lundardelli, located in Udine, Italy. It is not that their wine is particularly bad more than just in bad taste.  

The wine features labels with facade of Adolph Hitler, along with a few other kindred spirits such as  Marx, Mussolini and Napoleon.

To be sure, this wine will be a collector’s item among the skin heads still roaming the planet.


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2 responses to “Sigels: Hitler Wine Is A No-Sale

  1. Bill

    Since the addition of the two new liquor stores I think Sigel’s has really tried to get aggressive with pricing recently. I stopped by for the rum tasting the other day and was suprised that liquor pricing was down across the board.

  2. Brandon

    Napolean was a good touch better than Hitler, and Marx a world apart from either of them.

    That said, a wine bottle is not a suitable canvas for any of them.

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