Mele Kalikimaka In August At Whiskey Cake

by Steven Doyle

Whiskey Cake is offering one of their special event dinners come this Monday, August 20, 2012. For those that rarely venture north, this is a perfect evening to enjoy the cooler breeze of Plano as he dinner has been scheduled at 8pm.

The dinner will be tiki themed and chef TJ Lengnick plans t go whole hog on us with his new La Caja China that smokes an entire pig faster than it takes to fly to the islands.   

Bacardi is sponsoring is fun event and the myriad of barkeeps will be splashing some fun cocktail magic tiki-style.

“We get a lot of our fish already from Hawaii and our purveyor is sending me some banana and tea leaves from his own yard. We will use that with a Mahi Mahi we are shipping in that day,” said Lengnick this afternoon.

Make your reservations now before the ship sails. This will be a sell out crowd. Call ’em at 972-993-2253 and say craveDFW sent you.

To get you in the mood, watch this video. It will not only make you want to drink heavily, but also cool you down a few degrees.

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