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Alberto Lombardi, president of Dallas-based Lombardi Family Concepts, has announced that he has finalized a new lease for his Taverna Pizzeria and Risotteria in Dallas.  This four-block relocation of the award-winning Taverna will place it next door to the ever-popular Toulouse, another Lombardi concept, and adjacent to the beautiful, busy Katy Trail.

The move will take place at the end of March 2013 and Mr. Lombardi will insure Taverna will always be open by conducting the move overnight. 

With the current lease concluding for the Dallas Taverna on Armstrong Avenue, Mr. Lombardi took advantage of the recently available space next door to Toulouse on Knox Street in Dallas.  Taverna will maintain its intimate trattoria atmosphere and al fresco patio dining at the new location with interiors designed by Mr. Lombardi in concert with interior designer Ron Guest.

La Fiorentina, another neighborhood Lombardi restaurant on Cole Avenue, will also be undertaking a move in early 2013 due to the conclusion of its lease.  Beginning in January and continuing through late February, La Fiorentina will be available only for special events and private parties until a new site is selected.  Mr. Lombardi is currently reviewing options for La Fiorentina’s new home.

“The popularity of both Taverna and Toulouse continues to grow and the landlord presented us with a synergistic location for both concepts. With the proximity of the Katy Trail and the busy street scene on Knox, this was a perfect opportunity,” said Alberto Lombardi. “The Knox-Henderson neighborhood has, and will continue to be, a great location for our three concepts, Toulouse, Taverna and Sangria.”

The location will make way for the new Trader Joes.



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  1. Michael

    Do you know what’s happening to those two sites? Today on the news I heard a Trader Joes is opening up on Cole and Armstrong, which is right where these two places are. Are these buildings being torn down for that? I’m hoping the Trader Joes is actually taking over the electronics/appliance store next to those, and not tearing down those places because they’re both pretty good restaurant spaces.

  2. JJFoodie

    Ah! So that would explain why we had one of the worst dining experiences of our lives last Friday night at La Fiorentina…they simply don’t care…and it showed in the food and most certainly in the service…

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