Bowery On McKinney Closed

SONY DSCby Steven Doyle

Not the type of news you might want to hear the day before Christmas, but a handful of employees of the hotdoggery on McKinney wrote in to say that Bowery has shuttered. No word from the owners just yet, but we will keep you updated.

Update: Word is that Bowery will be relocated.



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3 responses to “Bowery On McKinney Closed

  1. Johnny Carino

    Sorry people lost jobs, to pricey and limited no real surprise high rent and not many customers. Feel badly again for employees. I go to Jerry’s Wood Fired Dogs twice weekly maybe Bowery would have worked off Mckinner restaurants seem to be down on that street but not all second closing in a month third in three months.

  2. Jerry’s is good but you will be won over by Samson’s Encased meats opening in March on Oaklawn. It is a concept that has been in the works in uptown three years in the making! See you soon!

  3. Hate to see a fellow dog down ­čÖü McKinnney is a tough street. That’s why I like running Lucky Ducky Dogs – Silly Truck Serious Food. We can go anywhere… relatively. By the way we have perfected our dessert dog: tempura-battered deep fried banana covered with our peanut butter-caramel sauce and topped with bacon sprinkles. Of course on our custom oh so soft brioche style bun. You can see picture of it on our twitter feed

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