Win This: Gift Cards From All Kenny Bowers Restaurants

kennyby Steven Doyle

Kenny Bowers is one pretty fun loving chef and he has a few really nice restaurants in the area that match his personality. Today Kenny sends word that he wants to play Santa at craveDFW and has offered up a gift from each of his family of restaurants in the Dallas area. One lucky recipient will enjoy $50 each from Kenny’s Smoke House (which opens on January 21), Kenny’s Italian Kitchen and Kenny’s Wood Fired Grill, plus $20 to Kenny’s  Burger Joint.  

Kenny’s Italian Kitchen is located in Addison and is that red checkered Italian restaurant that is a throwback from generations past. Enjoy a bounty of very large meatballs with spaghetti or platters of lasagna. This is the stuff that will make your momma cry.

Kenny’s Wood Fired Grill is the classic American fare which features grilled oysters and brie fondue in a long list of fun starters. The grill gets plenty of play at Kenny’s where you can enjoy steaks, chops and seafood. This is a menu that pleases a crowd.

kenny's bomb

Kenny’s Burger Joint is over-the-top with bodacious burgers and the very best Philly in the Dallas area. The sandwich is larger than your head. The running joke at Kenny’s is that you can buy one rib for a buck. Pretty tasty joke if I ever heard one.

Kenny is soon to open his new Smokehouse in Plano and the winner of this gift will have first dibs on the brisket.

Tell your friends to enter this contest so you can join them if they win. Merely make a comment below telling Kenny what his next restaurant concept should be. We will choose one reader at random to take all Monday, December 24, 2012. We will hand deliver these gift cards Christmas Eve to your home or office.



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29 responses to “Win This: Gift Cards From All Kenny Bowers Restaurants

  1. LuAnn Bergman

    Well I love food and could really sink my teeth into this giveaway! I’ll even supply Christmas Eve drinks for the delivery person if I win!!!!

  2. Julie

    OMG – whatever concept he wants, as long as there are tuna nachos involved….

  3. Monica

    I think Kenny’s Churrascaria has a nice ring to it and would be right up his meat-cooking alley…
    It’s been a while since I’ve been to one of his restos, but I’d be happy to put these GCs to use and go again!

  4. Jordan

    He should open an Eastbound & Down themed restaurant. Kenny Bowers: You’re Fucking Out sports bar? Man that Philly looks delicious.

  5. Mary

    I think Kenny should have a Greek tavernra type place. That’s be lovely!

  6. this is a great prize! pick me!

  7. Johnny Carino

    Great chef and personal buddy

  8. Angela Krieger

    Well Kenny…tacos of course!

  9. Lisa A. Lanier

    Kenny should have an upscale sports bar with over 40 beers and pizza.

  10. June

    Would love to check out Kenny’s smokehouse!!

  11. Kenny’s rocks. Went to Woodfire last night. Went to Italian a few weeks back. His next concept should be nothing. My budget is stretched with these two enough!

  12. Barrett

    Kenny’s fish shack!

  13. bob i

    Kenny’s $One$ Rib at a Time

  14. Cara

    I love Kenny’s and how they provide gluten free meals. His next restaurant should include gluten free goodies and be a fish restaurant. YUM!

  15. serena dang

    More upscale seafood bar for hipsters and food snobs.

  16. How generous. I’ve never been to any of his restaurants. Apparently I’m missing out!

  17. Kyle P

    Kenny’s Fish Market isn’t a bad idea!

  18. Wyatt

    Kennys Hot Dog Emporium.

  19. Cynthia

    Kenny’s chicken and waffles house

  20. Susan

    Mexican food. That would be awesome!

  21. Jacquie McCurdy

    Whatever Kenny desires. Would love the opportunity to ask Steven Doyle to join me!

  22. Liz

    Loves me some Kenny’s

  23. Nancy

    Yum yum

  24. Maria

    Kenny’s Fusion – (Mexican & Sushi concept)

  25. nancy

    Kenny’s breakfast joint…..

  26. Rob

    I haven’t been to Kenny’s Burgers and would love to – Pick Me!

  27. Congratulations Wyatt!

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