Gallerie Noir Presents Stevie Tate’s Romance Of Art & Words

398039_10151255729439930_1237590630_nby Erica Guajardo

When a person thinks of an artist, they usually think of a struggling, starving artist.  This is not the case for all.  This week I had the pleasure of getting a sneak peek inside the upcoming exhibition for Gallerie Noir.  This particular show will feature the artistic explorations of Stevie Tate’s abstract paintings. 

While in his studio, Tate gave me a preview of his exhibition “The Romance of Art and Words”.  He explained that we all have a story to tell regardless whether it’s told through words or movement and colors.  Tate is someone who spent seventeen years in a corporate setting, and found he no longer enjoyed his lifestyle.  With much contemplation he chose to leave that lifestyle behind.  Pursuing other opportunities which made him happier, he became an artist!  

While figuring out where he wanted his journey to lead him, he wrote a novel called “On the Edge of Life”, where he would share his story of happiness.  Understanding that art is not only fine it can be expressed in other mediums such as words.

In a combination of sharing details from his book and allowing individuals to view his art, the show is designed to tell stories through his pieces.  Taking into consideration what color means to an individual and how emotions affect our movement, the abstracts engage the viewer to ponder the moment of creation. Unlike a traditional artist, Tate encourages his viewers to interact with his art by “touching, hugging, and enjoying” the textures.


If you are someone who enjoys the quality of contemporary artwork, then I would encourage you to stop by January 31, 2013, at Gallerie Noir located on 1525 Dragon Street to view what Stevie Tate has to offer. 

Be aware that there will be a live taping during this presentation and it is recommended to be prompt at 7pm so that there are no interruptions.  The taping will last approximately 30 minutes and Tate will then be available to answer any questions.

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