Marquee Grill’s Lunch Menu Delivers Big

SONY DSCby Melissa Robert

When choosing where to meet a friend for lunch in Dallas, you have what is commonly referred to as a “first world problem.” There are many, many great choices. Sure, there’s Hopdoddy with a line wrapped around the building, or one of the new exciting food trucks that has recently debuted on the Dallas food scene. But, if the weather isn’t so great and you forgot the website where you track down the food truck closest to you, do yourself a favor and check out the tasty lunch menu at Marquee Grill. Situated in Highland Park Village, Chef Andre Natera has forged a lunch menu that no friend would pass up meeting with you to try.     


While surrounded by some of the most beautiful folks in big D, I halfway expected to solely watch salads leave the kitchen. Yes, I saw a salad or two, but I’m pleased to relay that these pretty people were as intrigued as I was by the midday options. Natera suggested I start with the tuna crudo. If you are a fan of creative and flavorful seafood you too will enjoy this item to kick off your meal. Atop a bed of crispy quinoa and plated with a duo of avocado puree and ponzu watercress salad, the bite has great texture and subtle flavors that compliment the quality of this fish.

Being a huge carpaccio fan, I also indulged in the Beeman Ranch starter. The white anchovy vinaigrette added a depth to the beef that I found distinguished this carpaccio from carpaccios of my recent dining history. A friend that loves beets joined me and the beet salad received high praise from our table.

Tuna Crudo

Smoked Hamachi

If you’re feeling the need to bite into a more hearty offering, the range of sandwiches will satisfy your needs. You can’t go wrong with a burger that was crafted by Chef Natera. Did I mention the burger has bacon?
I’ll give you a moment to wipe the drool of your keyboard before I launch into the stars of the show, lovingly referred to as Mains on the Marquee menu. Reading food reviews introduces the words deconstructed and re-imagined on a regular basis. After consuming the baked potato gnocchi, I’ve got a word: awesome.

The impressive execution of this traditionally Italian item is an almost comfort food-like nod to a gnocchi you may have tried elsewhere. The subtle flavors of baked potato and the silky melt-in-your-mouth texture of the gnocchi makes this dish one that you won’t want to miss. Another offering that is sure to please your palate is the creamed spinach ravioli. Delicately adorned with a spinach basil puree, this pasta strikes the perfect balance between ideal portion and memorable flavors. The creamed spinach encapsulated in the fresh handmade raviolis will have anyone eating his or her greens with joy.


The Village Theatre next door inspires the desserts. Whimsical execution is a feast for the eyes, but even better is the rich and elegant flavor each plate delivers. The senior mint pays homage to the junior mint we have all enjoyed. The chocolate and mint combination is clever and will satiate any discerning sweet tooth. If you a peanut butter lover like myself, indulge in the chocolate peanut butter creation. Paired with peanut butter ice cream and topped with caramel corn, this dessert is absolutely Crave worthy.

In coming months Chef Andre Natera will unveil an exciting new menu for the upstairs area. If lunch was just a slight preview into what Natera’s inventive penchant for delicious food can deliver, everyone should look forward to the Asian inspired menu he’s currently fashioning. You can keep your eyes peeled for appetizing pictures on the Marquee Grill Facebook and make your next lunch or dinner reservations at their website.



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