Pookies Will Deliver One Sandwich To Your Door

pookies phillyby Steven Doyle

Pookies Donuts is located just near Love Field and serves up some mighty fine and unusual donuts. Pookie also makes a damned good Philly Cheesesteak. Read the love we bestowed on them recently. Now Pookies is open until 8pm each day and will even deliver. The things some people will do to get extra business.  

Not only will Pookies deliver, but they are also insisting on a strict rule of delivering a minimum of one sandwich. That’s right; it is a cool and damp day and you do not want to venture out of the office. Pookies to the rescue. Be the envy of you cubicle. Order one of their monster-sized Philly Cheesesteaks with extra peppers and jalapenos. Look at their menu and notice there are more varieties of Phillys now, including a chicken version. Thank us later.


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