Save The Date: Chefs For Farmers Sous Chef Throwdown

cff sousby Steven Doyle

Chefs for Farmers has evolved over the past few years since it was first concepted by Matt and Iris McCallister.  You may recall the first installment that was cheffed by a handful of local talent that ran in the same pack, and who took the first road show to a local farmer’s field. The day was sun kissed and breezy, and there was plenty of laughter as each chef took on a course to feed a very long table of happy diners.

The second event was months later and took place in a winery in Fort Worth. The crowd swelled to benefit local farmers and Meals on Wheel of Tarrant County, one of the McCallister’s passions. This event had more chefs and many from the Fort Worth side of the tracks, making it far more inclusive and a delightful event.        


The third CFF’s was held in a cafeteria in East Dallas. This event may have been the most giddy of the series with chefs behind the line donning hair nets and kicking up traditional food you might find on the line. This was definitely the first time fois gras was served at Highland Park Cafeteria.

The last Chef’s event was the one you might recall the most. The huge gathering where foodies met chefs in Lee Park that was likened to a family reunion, if your family had 1,500+ relatives. This was the most exciting version yet, with a promise that the date would be changed to ensure cooler temperatures.

jt lemley

This year expect two events from the Chefs for Farmers franchise. The first is a sous chef battle to take place June 2, 2013 in Trinity Groves at Sharon Van Meter’s 3015 Cooking School.  Here the younger chefs will get to take on fellow rising stars in the culinary world. The lineup looks spectacular, and will most assuredly be a day you will not wish to miss.

Here is the official list of chefs you will see:

Matt Balke, Bolsa Restaurant
 Stedman Beylan, 3015 at Trinity Groves
 Derek Blackburn, Central 214
 Kevin Dean, Lucia Dallas
 Jared Harms, Rosewood Mansion on Turtle Creek
 Danyele McPherson, The Grape Restaurant
 Misti Norris, FT33
 Gmo Tristan, Boulevardier

Tickets go on sale soon, and we will keep you updated with profiles and more information. This event will benefit Cafe Momentum.


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