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Cedar Open Studio Spring Show May 4

Erica-Guajardo-Cedars-Open-Studio-Spring-Showby Erica Guajardo

As the temperatures in Dallas become warmer, there are more events that are created to get people more involved with in the community.  On Saturday, May 4th, The American Beauty Mill Lofts will host their annual Cedar Open Studio Spring Show.  This will include 20 Dallas Artist with a wide arrange of talent and taste to meet the needs of any viewer.  Along with the artist showing, this art show will include 6 different musical talents to create an ambiance that is festive and inviting.  Although there are 20 different artist, we would like to shine the light on a few that have emerged on the Dallas scene this year and give you a sneak peak of what you should expect during this all day and night art show.   

Tramaine Townsend is a photographer who has a great knack and gift for digital design, animation, and installations.  Creating a series of black and white images from his “Lost Angles” series he shows the viewer how landscape photography can be manipulated with various mediums to create an ambiguous symmetrical collage.  Ideally envisioning his creations on a wall of a modern minimalistic space, so that the admiration of his pieces can be viewed without obstruction, he offers his images at a steal of a price which starts at $125.

Erica Guajardo is an illustrator who creates whimsical, morbid, and quirky images which are intended to make the viewer “crack a smile”.  Building from wood and found objects, she is able to create compositions which allows her to manipulate the size and shape of each finish piece.  Creating a collection of small works in the $20 price range.  This is an appropriate way for any pocket to afford her works which feature a whimsical approach to bio medicine and the images it may create in a trendy, demented, and humorous brain.  Appropriate for small niches in homes and awkward columns which may appear bare in the home.

Raul Flores is a photographer who refers to his abstract images of  “throwing colored light into his camera”.  Known for his juxtaposition of crisp objects against blurred images, intrigues the viewer’s curiosity.  Ideally seeing his larger works featured in an entry way was the brightness of each piece can be admired by those who connected with the composition originally.    Offering over a dozen different photos which “paint with light” his small pieces will start at a remarkable price of $20.  This will allow the special viewer to feature his small works in areas like computer desk and reading nooks.

Nina Harp is an artist who likes to consider herself a painter, but has begun to dabble into a world of printmaking because she likes “being able to create multiples so the art itself is more accessible to those of us on a budget”.  Presenting a single piece of work called “Pretty Boy” she features her talents in the form of a aquatint etching.   This particular piece is inspired by the band “Book of Love” song, “Pretty Boys and Pretty Girls”.  This classic style of art allows her to be open to investor’s interior spaces, bringing interest to an eclectic room or traditional space.

If you’re looking for a large scale piece which will grab the attention of any visitor, Owen Jones is your artist! Known for his photography in Dallas, this local has stepped out of box by creating a whimsical imaginative relief sculpture, based off the old world polytheistic religions, this creature is sure to keep your home in awe with conversation.  Originally only working in miniature scale, he took his idea of illustration monsters to create ‘”Ahu Kuvithu” A stubborn and frustrated demigod who lives in an elaborated network of tunnel beneath the earth surface.”‘  Great for an investor who is minimalistic, but would like to create hierarchy within their interior space.  For this large piece which exceeds 5’ tall, he is offering this item at a great price of $500.

This Saturday will be a great way to show your support and be part of a thriving art community which many artists call home.  Venture to the American Beauty Mill Lofts from 12pm-10pm to find unique artwork which can fit any budget. Click here for directions.


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