Win A Cuisinart Portable Grill

grillby Steven Doyle

Just in time for your summer tailgate, campout or poolside part, this convenient roll portable gas grill from Cuisinart could be yours this weekend.  The Cuisinart CGG-240 All Foods Roll-Away Gas Grill has a 240-square-inch cast-iron grill surface with 15,000 BTU stainless-steel loop burner, and features an easy-to-use TwistStart electric ignition; signature temperature gauge. The grill is also equipped with a pair of stainless-steel folding side tables, and large wheels for easy transport. The retail price is $249. 


Start your summer off right with this fun and portable gas grill by making a comment below.  We will select one lucky winner at random Friday afternoon. The grill will be shipped direct to your home or office. What would you like to grill?



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50 responses to “Win A Cuisinart Portable Grill

  1. Julie Fitzgerald

    That looks so cool! Mmmm grilled asparagus. Hope I win!!! Thanks 🙂

  2. Shelly Knowlton

    Throw me into the fire and let’s see what I cook up!! 🙂

  3. Dawn Knowlton

    I could have some fun with this!!

  4. Cat

    I would love to win this! I don’t have anything to grill on now besides a lame grill pan on my stove. Besides the obvious answer of meat, I love grilling everything – corn, lettuce, bread, fruit, pizza… Basically anything tastes better on the grill and doesn’t heat up the kitchen during summer!

  5. Marjorie Bellomy

    I nee

    Please pick me. Grilling makes for healthy eating. That is important for our family.

  6. JoieJune

    This Cuisinart Portable Grill is so cool – and FREE is something I can afford. Thanks for considering me!

  7. Justin Ferguson

    That grill belongs with arrowhead meats!!!! We can definately use some of our specialty products on it.


  9. kevin

    “I’m unna bar-be-que your ass!” Favorite line from Smokey and the Bandit. Other than that, I’d do up some fish REAL good like.

  10. giantsis

    Tuna steaks and asparagus! I’ve never had a real grill before! Ooh-la-la!

  11. susan peppler

    I so hope to win this

  12. Paul

    I will grill pretty much anything that grew in or on the ground, flew, or walked on four legs.

  13. I would love to grill radicchio with balsalmic and pork loin stuffed the country ham, dried apples and chipotle!

  14. Michelle

    I’d <3 it!! That would be way cool!

  15. JOhnB

    I would grow some locally made bratwursts or sausages from the Whiterock local market with onions and, potatoes homemade sauerkraut. Serve it up with a nice slice of rye bread.

  16. UTisTheLaw


  17. Rebecca


  18. EarlofTX

    That grill is calling my name and I want to answer back.

  19. Kimberly

    If you saw what I am grilling on now you would take
    Pity on a girl and throw her a grill!

  20. Shelby Henderson

    Very nice!! I could really use a grill! I’m hoping to win!

  21. alexandra

    So fun, especially for an apartment dweller.

  22. James Wagner

    I could bake some mighty fine pastry on that thing!

  23. Right now I am obsessed with the idea of grilled pineapple but can’t enjoy any because we don’t have a grill-so I would love to win this!

  24. Jacob Holly

    On September 1st, Bacon wrapped doves, with onion, pineapple, and garlic would be great on this grill! (it would be great to put in the truck for grilling in remote locations)


    Grill looks great! So glad I found your distribution, look forward to reading about what Dallas has to offer. Who’d a thunk there was a dog park where I can drink beer! Thanks for sharing!

  26. kellie

    Grill on!!! Great prize to win before 4th of July!
    Pick me!!!!!!!!!

  27. Monica

    That would be the perfect thing to grill up some Luscher’s Red Hots at a baseball game!

  28. Rob

    Grilled brats and cold Peticolas Beer

  29. Christian G.

    I would definitely want grill bacon-wrapped scallops, lamb t-bones, and a vegetable medley….this would be perfect for that idea.

  30. Ashley Williams

    mmmm I want to grill pineapple and lamb chops!

  31. Angel Palconet

    I’ve been looking for a portable grill… this looks great!! Would love to have it 🙂

  32. Bill

    Grilled Hot Dogs with Silver Oak Cabernet. Fine dining indeed!

  33. Walker

    This would definitely make my summer a lot more fun

  34. Susan E.

    I would like to grill veggie k-bobs. Thanks!

  35. Britt F.

    Drop down and get your grill on! Options are endless with this bad boy in your backyard, tailgate, camping trip!

  36. wow, my wife and I love to picnic and grill. We’d ind plenty of veggies and meat to try with it.

  37. Nice grill!

  38. sofie t.

    Grilled flatbreads

  39. James

    Super cool and on wheels! Need this for the next party.

  40. Emma

    Please? I have been good all year. Need a grill!!

  41. Lindsay

    BBQ Chicken of course!

  42. lisa


  43. serena dang

    We just moved to a new place and could really use the Cuisineart grill for a small house warming party next to the pool. I’m thinking juicy steaks and sausages coupled with corn on the cobs or grilled cauliflower for the guys. The ladies will enjoy grilled salmon with grilled peaches, grilled watermelon tossed with spinach and arugula. Can you grill ice cream for dessert too? I’m down for that.

  44. Sarah

    I would be grilling some steak and veggies…yum!

  45. Darrell Williams

    This looks like a great grill for tailgating. The wheels would make it easy for you to get not only the grill itself, but other items to where ever you need it. Would love to get my hands on it!

  46. I’m going to delight in sharpening some skewers to put together a great meal!!

  47. Darlene Wright

    A big fat steak would look so good on that grill!

  48. Emma is our winner today! You will have your grill BEFORE the 4th, so watch for it showing up at your office. We have some nifty prizes left to give out before the 4th, so keep reading.

  49. acrow

    Lightly cured pork loin.

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