Two Wine Finds With A Quirky Name

Cabernet merlot lily pad red jcmby Andrew Chalk

What do you do if the rest of the world calls you a frog and thinks that you are arrogant just because you have the best shrug? If you are French winemaker Jean-Claude Mas you turn the joke back to them with a wine that displays a refined idiosyncrasy and calls itself The Arrogant Frog.

The importer just delivered bottles of their 2011 vintage. The red, a ”Cabernet Sauvignon – Merlot” blend with 55% Cabernet Sauvignon, and a Chardonnay. Both come from France’s beautiful Languedoc region on the Mediterranean and both come in screw cap bottles. These are unprepossessing wines in name and packaging but surprisingly refined in taste. Good winemaking makes a good value wine for $10.           

The Cabernet – Merlot is classic peppery, purple young Cabernet Sauvignon, more new world in its fruit driven style. It is great with summer barbecue or just as a quaffing wine.

Chardonnay lily pad white jcm

The Chardonnay is much sweeter than I expected. It has citrus notes in the nose and taste and good acid in the mouthfeel. However, it is not as stark as burgundian Chardonnays and went through a softening malolactic fermentation. Some oak ageing but this is not what one would term an ‘oaky wine’. It would be great with fish or as a ‘pool wine’ this summer.

Both of these wines are Crave recommended.

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