Who Laid A Finger on Bart’s Butterfinger?


by Travis Baugh

Someone has stolen Bart Simpson’s Butterfinger!  On the long road from New York to Los Angeles, the Butterfinger Truck has stopped to ask America, “Who done it?”  The event kicked off last Friday outside the 7 Eleven Corporate Office in the Arts District.  Everyone had a chance to check out the lineup of some famous Simpson’s characters and received a golden-stamped ticket for a complementary Butterfinger.  For those fortunate enough to arrive early, they received a limited edition shirt with the character that they thought swiped Bart’s Butterfinger.

At the end of the event, the top three choices were tallied up.  Dallas’ top three suspects were:  Homer in third, Maggie in second and Lisa in first place.  Of course, Krusty the Clown was not far from the most-wanted line-up. The promotion tours ten cities across America (including all the Springfields) and ends November 10th.  So far, Dallas has had the best Simpsons fan turn out.  If you missed the event you can head over to butterfinger.com and cast a vote for a chance to win a grand prize for a trip to LA to be “Simpsonized” by the FOX artists.

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