Can Oak Lawn Farmers Market Hit Critical Mass?


by Andrew Chalk

This is Gilbert Garcia, CEO of Apetito Co. LLC and his daughter. They make a range of what they call ‘Texican’ products. First among them is a barbecue sauce made from a tomato base and fourteen sauces (including ten classic Mexican sauces). The taste is piquant and lacks the tiring sweetness that seems to be the stock in trade of many barbecue sauces. He sells this sauce at Oak Lawn Farmers Market which takes place every Saturday  from 8am – noon in the parking lot of the United Methodist Church at the corner of Wellborn and Dickason.  

The market is new this year and is caught in the classic network effect. For buyers to go, they need to be sure enough vendors are there. For vendors to vend, they need to be sure the buyers will attend. Certainly, there are enough mid to upper income people within one mile to make this market a roaring success. Once it had critical mass it would be unlikely to lose it. At the moment, about a dozen vendors attend the show. Gilbert is one of those early adopters who comes every week. In addition there is grass fed beef vendor, a farm selling local produce, and several non-food vendors.

Crave suggests you check it out next Saturday. The weather is cooler now and the market is dog-friendly (since its in the church parking lot it is presumably also God-friendly).



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  1. Susan

    I’m one of those people who lives within a mile…and I had no idea this exists!! Looking forward to walking over to visit soon.

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