Tasting Founders Brewing Company’s Mango Magnifico

mango_magnificoby Brian Wall

There are many chili beers on the market.  Some have a combination of maltiness and pepper flavor that is a nice change from the norm by most beer drinkers. Others have heat that most people are unable to fully enjoy. Most of these beers are novelty but pair well with pizza, Mexican food or mild chili. It is not uncommon to find one of these beers as part of the actual chili recipe.

This week, the chili beer that was sampled was Founders Brewing Company’s Mango Magnifico. This beer is a relative newcomer on the market having only been released this past August and having hit the DFW area in the last few weeks. It is part of their “Backstage Series” of one-time released beers. This beer comes in a twenty-two ounce bomber bottle and pours a nice golden color with a quickly dissipating head. Carbonation level is adequate and the beer is clear. Scent is non-descript for the flavors of mango and habanero listed on the bottle. The flavor is sweet at the beginning with slight mango flavor but definite malt flavor. The aftertaste is pleasant as the habanero slowly starts to build with every sip.     

The cloying heat on the lips is noticeable with more sips. Mouth also starts to build up heat with each mouthful. As the heat turns up with each sip, the mango flavor starts to penetrate as if to say “Hey, here I am”. The beer is listed as having an ABV of 10% and is slightly noticeable but the alcohol bite is not present.

While this beer may not last in the area for long, it should be sampled with a warning: if you dislike chili pepper beers, stay away! This is a nice chili beer with a great deal of sweetness to its flavor but it will definitely let you know that it has habaneros in it. If you are looking for a beer to cellar and let mellow, this may not as most chili beers seem to gain more heat as time elapses. For those of you that want something different or if you enjoy a good hot chili beer, this is definitely one to try.

Founders Brewing has never ceased to disappoint and this beer is no exception to that. The “backstage Series” from Founders continues to give us a myriad of tastes but the beers a one-time release so get them while you can.



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