Achtung Baby! Texas Winery Haak Vineyards Wins Gold and Two Silver medals at the Largest International Wine Competition in the World!

haak1by Andrew Chalk

This just in.

“Haak Vineyards & Winery announced today that it was awarded a Gold and two (2) Silver Medals by the largest international wine competition in the world with over 12,000 entries competing. The AWC-Vienna 2013 awards and trophy presentations took place in the imperial ambiance of the Vienna City Hall in the presence of 3,000 invited wine professionals. On that evening Vienna City Hall advanced to the center of the wine world. All wine entries were judged in an Absolute Blind Tasting in single flights by an international tasting panel. In this way, all wines received a fair chance in the competition. Haak Vineyards & Winery has set the standard for quality, innovation and creative wine styles in today’s wine industry. The Haak winning wines were a 2008 Madeira Blanc du Bois (Gold), a 2006 Madeira Blanc du Bois (Silver) and a 2010 Madeira Blanc du Bois (Silver). Raymond Haak was honored to join the ranks of world class medal and trophy winners at this prestigious ceremony in the city hall of Vienna, Austria”.   


On winning the award, Raymond Haak said “It was a humbling experience to be included in this grand assembly of wine professionals. It was just exciting to receive these medals, while pursuing my passion”.

I have had Haak’s dessert wines numerous times. The Haak Vineyards dessert wine Blanc du Bois is an icononic interpretation of a usually prosaic grape. The fortified dessert wine represents a stylistic way forward for Blanc du Bois wine makers in Texas. These medals reconfirm that the wine is good enough to stand alongside other dessert wines of the world and win in blind tasting competitions.

Congratulations to Raymond and Gladys for this, the culmination of many achievements for Texas wine.



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4 responses to “Achtung Baby! Texas Winery Haak Vineyards Wins Gold and Two Silver medals at the Largest International Wine Competition in the World!

  1. Achtung baby. Anything U2 related is ok in my book. 🙂 Can’t wait to try this wine too.

  2. Bobby Cox

    These wines are very hard to do well but it is obvious Raymond is doing it just right

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