The Glenlivet 18 and 21 Year With a Side of Cheese

glen1by James Davidson

The Glenlivet Guardians teamed up with Paula Lambert, owner of Mozzarella Company to host a Scotch and Cheese pairing event at Photographs Do Not Bend Gallery(PDNB).  The expressions The Glenlivet focused on were the 18 and 21 year.  The Glenlivet Guardians is the club you join if you want to receive news on The Glenlivet and get information about events like this one.

After the lovely wife and I checked in, we headed over to the bar to get a dram of The Glenlivet 18 year old.  The 18 year old Scotch spends about 18 years in ex-bourbon barrels with the last 6-ish months in sherry casks.  With a darker amber then some Scotches, the dram gave off aromas of flowers and sweetness.  At first, fruity and rich notes tantalize the taste buds, then floral notes start to blossom and last into the finish.  Spicy notes end the finish and stick with you for a minute or so after swallowing.   


Spirit of the Glen is a new fragrance by The Glenlivet inspired by the scent of their 18 year old Scotch.  If you don’t mind paying $170-180 for a bottle of cologne, head to Barney’s and check out the Spirit of the Glen.  It smells great and is very floral.  Maybe I’ll buy a bottle of the 18 year and dab some Scotch on my neck in the mornings.

While in the hors d’ourves room off to the side, we enjoyed the company of fellow Scotch lovers.  The brand ambassador, Matthew Springate, called everyone to attention in the main room of the gallery.  The room was packed with people, so we had to stay in the refreshments room whilst he spoke.

Matthew thanked everyone for coming out and introduced the art director of the gallery, Burt Finger.  Burt spoke how he’d never seen so many people in PDNB gallery at once and serving Scotch regularly might be a good idea, (very good idea).  He started to walk around and talk about various artist.  Stuck in the side room of the gallery, I really couldn’t hear Mr. Finger.


The moment everyone was waiting for came, the 21 year was open for sampling.  With about 100 plus people, there was quite a “line” at the bar.  After receiving my share of the amber liquid, I scuttled off to the side.  My tasting notes for the 21 year are short because it taste very similar to the 18 year, but bolder.  If I were to choose between the two, I’d get the 21 year, it spends 2 years in sherry casks which gives it that fuller flavor.


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