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A Laphroaig Tasting With Brand Ambassador Simon Brooking

DSC07282by Steven Doyle

Laphroaig Brand Ambassador Simon Brooking is known for his charming toasts and his vast knowledge in the ways of whiskey. Clad in his kilt set with the tartan reflecting his Robertson Clan roots dating back to the 13th Century and the Celtic Earls of Atholl, Brooking spoke wistfully of his whiskey, while eyeing his dram with much alarm.   Continue reading

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On Aging Whiskey


Technically, it only takes a few days to make a barrel of whisky, but it takes time for that golden beverage’s taste to mature. Although you could drink it straight away, it wouldn’t be the peaty, rich liquor that whiskey fans typically relish. So what transpires in the months, years or even decades that a whiskey is left to age?

When whisky is first distilled and sealed up in its barrel, it’s more like moonshine than what you’d expect from a spirit like scotch or bourbon. Instead of golden-brown, brand-new whisky is perfectly clear and tastes a lot like the malted barley it’s made from. But as soon as it goes into a wooden barrel, things start getting interesting. Continue reading

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Scotch Drinkers — Don’t Miss This Event

Scotchby Andrew Chalk

We are about to have one of the best Scotch tasting events of the year. Next Wednesday, February 25th March 11th between 6pm and 8pm Sigel’s is holding a tasting of at least 65 different scotches (blended and single malt) at their Greenville Avenue store. The number will likely be over 65 as wine and spirit director, Jasper Russo, is still working on attendees as you read this.

The way it will work is as follows. You walk in and get a “Passport” which entitles you to sample from the tasting booths set up around the store. Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commision (TABC) rules limit each person to 20 pours. So you can’t taste all 65 and I would pick out what you want to taste, then winnow it back to 20 and work your way around those. Representatives from the distillers will be serving the whiskies so it is a chance to ask questions as well.   Continue reading


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First Look: Scotch and Sausage

DSC03346by Steven Doyle

The latest restaurant to open with quick public approval is Scotch and Sausage. With a name like that you best have plenty of both, and they do. Look for 20  hand crafted sausages and over 100 choices for scotch. Add a few extras such as their insanely good triple cooked fries and scotch eggs, and you have a recipe for delicious.

The menu offers over 20 varieties of local and house-made sausage sandwiches (including several vegan, pork free and gluten free options) featuring beef, chicken, venison, quail, antelope and more, and all sausages are priced $8 and below. They are all-natural, small batch production with no by products. The sausages not made in house are produced locally at Kuby’s using the Scotch and Sausage recipes.    Continue reading

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The Glenlivet 18 and 21 Year With a Side of Cheese

glen1by James Davidson

The Glenlivet Guardians teamed up with Paula Lambert, owner of Mozzarella Company to host a Scotch and Cheese pairing event at Photographs Do Not Bend Gallery(PDNB).  The expressions The Glenlivet focused on were the 18 and 21 year.  The Glenlivet Guardians is the club you join if you want to receive news on The Glenlivet and get information about events like this one.

After the lovely wife and I checked in, we headed over to the bar to get a dram of The Glenlivet 18 year old.  The 18 year old Scotch spends about 18 years in ex-bourbon barrels with the last 6-ish months in sherry casks.  With a darker amber then some Scotches, the dram gave off aromas of flowers and sweetness.  At first, fruity and rich notes tantalize the taste buds, then floral notes start to blossom and last into the finish.  Spicy notes end the finish and stick with you for a minute or so after swallowing.    Continue reading

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Scotch, Scotch, Scotch, We Love Scotch

by Steven Doyle

On a recent visit to Second Floor located on not-the-first floor of the Westin Galleria in Dallas we were enamored by the amazing wall of Scotch that adorned the back bar. Owned by amazing chef Scott Gottlich of Bijoux fame, the restaurant is execu-cheffed by Joel Harloff. We have the low down on that new menu coming up soon, along with the cocktail menu that is also fresh and enticing. But that wall of Scotch had us first intrigued, so we sat at the bar and took notes.   Continue reading

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