Win A Nespresso UMilk

nespresso_umilkby Steven Doyle

Our friends at Nespresso want to give away a Nespresso Umilk to one lucky craveDFW reader for the holidays. This is a fantastic gift for you or a friend. The suggested retail price of the Nespresso Umilk is $229.

U embodies a new generation of Nespresso machines. With its pure and elegant lines, flexible design its tactile interface, U is the new accomplice of our daily life.     


•Removable water tank: 0.8 liters
•Used capsules container capacity: 12
•Empty water tank detection
•Optimized heat up time
•Automatic shut off after 9 minutes, programmable
•Cable storage
•Electronic ‘full capsule container’ indicator
•No-drip nozzle
•Fast preheating time: 25 seconds
To win the Nespresso Umilk make a comment below; any comment. We will award the machine Monday December 23, 2013 at random. You must live within the continental United States to win. There is no cost for shipping or delivery. We will also include two sleeves of capsules and special Nespresso cups. Have a fantastic holiday season.


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72 responses to “Win A Nespresso UMilk

  1. Ellie

    WOW. What a totally awesome gift to myself this would be!!!

  2. Bill

    This is a nice machine

  3. Want. For. Me. Please.

  4. Lauren j

    Mmmmm coffee!

  5. that would be a cool christmas gift!

  6. Rachael Fallon

    I deserve it 🙂

  7. I have been dying for one of these! hear great reviews and will certainly post, tweet and blog about it, (both in my personal and business profiles) when I WIN! 😀

  8. I may have to be ‘naughty’ and keep for myself 😉

  9. Cristy

    I really need this for my classroom at school!

  10. Aaron

    Yay, coffee!

  11. coffee for me! coffee for me!

  12. Kevin Trevino

    It takes a lot of energy to look this good, and my regular coffee machine just isn’t cutting it. Maybe if I had this beauty, I would always look good and smile?!

  13. Sarah

    Pick me!

  14. Susan E

    Would love to have this awesome coffee machine!

  15. Jimmy Pham

    If I were to miraculously win this machine I would jump for Joy and proclaim Cravedfw and Nespresso Milk as the best of all time and Party Like it’s 1999!I

  16. Will be enjoyed by the entire family for the holidays and beyond

  17. Monica

    Merry Christmas!

  18. Andrea

    Love Nespresso products. What a great machine! Sure would be fun to win. 🙂

  19. Eliza

    I tasted it at Williams-Sonoma last week, deeelicious!

  20. Denise

    CRAVEing Coffee!

  21. Warren

    Neo or Starbuck’s V machine Which to choose?.

  22. Ian Wright

    I want one of these so badly! Please Please Please Santa!!!!

  23. VG

    Really would like to try this out

  24. Steve

    That would look great under our christmas tree. Happy Holidays.

  25. acrow

    I would love this.

  26. susan Watkins

    I am very random

  27. Joyce J

    Unfortunately, I did not win the Lottery. This would make an excellent consolation prize!

  28. The IttyBIttyFoodies Mama needs a shot of caffeine every so often. Happy Happy Holidays!

  29. Lily

    Nespresso machines are the best! There is a new store in Northpark Mall!

  30. Sam

    Santa Baby, slip Nespresso under the tree. For me!

  31. Okay, I’d LOVE to give MYSELF a Nespresso. I’d even drive to pick it up. After the last few weeks, I hate to suggest it, but I deserve it…

  32. Comment… Any comment… Oh, how I would love a Nespresso, Merry Christmas to meeee!

  33. Sofie T.

    Great giveaway. Thanks!

  34. Rob

    This would be a great Christmas gift!

  35. Lori Hall

    I ❤️ craveDFW!

  36. Maria B

    I so need this!!

  37. Without a coffee house anywhere near the farm – this would be a cool win!

  38. I wanna win, Santa Claus!

  39. marc moberg

    That would make my life complete.

  40. This would be awesome!

  41. Stan

    Nice! This would be great for my wife

  42. Courtney

    Looks great!

  43. Liz Immanivong

    Pick me!!

  44. David Indorf


  45. Sarah C

    Yes please!

  46. So happy that Nespresso finally made it to Dallas. I’ve had to travel the world for this stuff!

  47. Very sleek!! Would love to try one out in my business!

  48. Gregory D

    Very cool looking coffee machine!! Would love to win it to add to my kitchen!!

  49. Ron Trammell

    I would love to win the coffee machine that I have heard so much about.

  50. Barbie arevalo

    I really, really want one! If I don’t win I will most likely buy one when I have some extra money, pick me!

  51. We are thinking about remodeling our kitchen, but if I win this, I set it on the counter…bam, done!

  52. Lindsay

    Me! Me!

  53. Nic

    I’ll take it

  54. Jimmy Rogersm


  55. James

    Happy Holidays!

  56. Christopher Anderson

    This would be a pleasant surprise.

  57. steven sarwi

    That is an AWESOME machine !! Merry Christmas !!

  58. Ginny

    I love latte (in reference to Anchorman 2)

  59. Dan Hoffman

    Happy belated Chanukah!

  60. Jay Hoffman

    What a great wonderful way to stay warm this holiday season with this awesome machine. I will share the flavor!!!

  61. Ashley

    A Nespresso is at the top of my wish list this year!

  62. Nina Bhanot

    Have dreamed about getting this machine, would love to give it to my Hubby for Christmas. Thanks for posting!

  63. Jeff DArcy

    Yes please

  64. Michelle Tran

    I like the design.

  65. Alex Harvey

    YES, perfect for the cold weather we’ve been having!

  66. Lisa Hunter

    Lisa Hunter

    Please I would love to win this for my hubby.

  67. Matthew

    Sweet gift from a bad ass site



  69. Brad Crouch

    I love coffee

  70. We have a winner, and contacted Lisa who screamed via email that she was thrilled. Thank you all for your continued support. Look for more contests like this in 2014.

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