Prosecco Is The New Black

IMG_3419_640x480by Andrew Chalk

So here’s the story. A rep. sends me a black bottle with a black label containing Prosecco, the sparkling Italian wine that sells for half the price of Champagne (and about the same price as Spain’s sparkling wine, Cava). The label has stiletto’s all over it and the name is Stlto (which I think is Italian for stiletto, but with a spelling error because the Italian for stiletto is stiletto). Not only does this appear to be marketed at chicks it even has an all-female winemaking team.   

So why are they sending it to me?

Do they think I would look good in 7” heels?

I suspect not. So before you fall over backwards laughing at the prospect of me falling over backwards let me just say that this light (11% alcohol) wine has pleasant green apple and lemon flavors and is likely to prove popular at parties. You can also use it as the base for a Bellini and with enough of those, even I will try on 7” heels.

Disclosure and procedures: Wine sent by vendor(s) at no cost to reviewer. The local reseller named after a price quote is the one who, on, had the lowest price. Wines sent by vendors may not be reviewed and will not be returned. Wines considered the most meritorious in the opinion solely of the reviewer, are the ones most likely to be reviewed. 


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