The Ultimate Guide To Cinco de Mayo in Dallas 2014

Cinco-de-Mayoby Steven Doyle

Cinco de Mayo is upon us and there is plenty of celebration set for the DFW area. If you are at a loss for what to do in North Texas this big tequila drenched weekend, we are here to guide you along. Don’t forget that Lyft is available to take home should you need guidance after a bit of revelry. First time riders use my personal code for $25 credit – steven1406.

Don’t miss The 24th Annual Cinco de Mayo Big Parade and Festival. The Big Parade is the largest Cinco de Mayo parade in North Texas with over 20,000 in attendance. This colorful event includes marching bands, folkloric dance groups, school groups and much more. It takes place on the first Saturday each May in Oak Cliff that starts Saturday, May 3, 2014 at 10am, and the Big Parade starts at 11am. The Festival at Casa Guanjuato runs from noon to 8 p.m., 1002 W. Brooklyn Ave.

And now for the booze and food:

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with a slice of cheese at the Alamo Drafthouse as the fabled film stars Ned, Lucky Day, and Dusty Bottoms do their thing in the film The Three Amigos. You won’t want to miss the screening of The Three Amigos this Monday, May 5th when the Drafthouse screens the fun-filled film and will also feature a plethora of props, a delicious taco special menu and all of your favorite lines subtitled.

Also, don’t forget craveTOURS is set to take its initial romp around the city with its Cinco de Mayo Tour that is bound for some pretty terrific locations for margaritas, highfalutin Tex Mex and a slice of crazy fun. Grab your tickets while they last.

Where Are The Margaritas?

We searched about this week for some of the tastier margaritas and compiled a list. Feel free to add your own in comments. Sharing is caring.

tamarind-margaritaConsistently the best margarita can be found at Komali. Bar gal Leann Berry at Komali created a large ration of fine margaritas that are just as flavorful as they are imagintive. They also pack a mean wallop. This is the spicy tamarind margarita that haunts us.

avocado-margaritaThe avocado margarita at Meso Maya is the most unique blend of tasty juices and tequila in Dallas.

agave-azulWith its huge arsenal of tequilas to choose from, Agave Azul masters the margarita along with some pretty awesome TexMex.

mamboNothing kicks you in the butt on a searingly hot Dallas afternoon like the Mambo Taxi from Mi Cocina. After a few of these babies you will want to make sure you call for a real taxi of your very own.  Equally as ass kicking is the other Mico masterpiece at Mr Mesero (soulful).


Cubiertos has a cocktail to commemorate the Battle of Puebla where the Mexican Army defeated French forces. Created with a layer of melon, lime and pomegranate and with 100% blue agave tequila, premium orange liqueur and fresh squeezed citrus. They will be celebrating all weekend long with live music and dancers.


The table-side margarita at Stampede 66 is not to be missed. So creamy and delicious, you might enjoy this as a dessert.

joe-t-garciaWho has the worst Tex Mex in DFW, but softens the blow with one of the strongest margaritas around? Joe T. Garcias, of course.

Where Can We Get Some Decent Tex Mex?

We can hardly blame you for wanting something to help digest those margaritas. We offer up some really good Tex Mex, so make the rounds and let us know what you think.

komaliKomali’s remains supreme in the enchilada depart nearly as strong as their margarita front. The tamales are spot on, as well.

meso-mayaMr. Mesero serves up these beautiful enchiladas for a bargain price. try a trio of flavors, or go straight for the mole.

cuquitas_enchiladas-5 Texas Monthly named Cuquito’s one fo the top 5 Tex Mex restaurants in the state. So that actually means world, right?


Although not exclusively Mexican, the menu at the new Stephan Pyles will have some wonderful offerings from all of Latin America, including Peru, Cuba, and stretches across the southern hemisphere of cuisine. San Salvaje opens this weekend, and you won’t want to miss a single bite.


For good measure, check out the insanely spicy pork shanks at Lunada Tex Mex. Free margaritas from 4-6 on Sunday! You will be happy.

We Just Want Tacos!

Why didn’t you just tell us you wanted tacos.We have a list of a few of our absolute favorites in Dallas.



You definitely need to try the pastor tacos at El Come Taco located at 2513 N. Fitzhugh Ave. It will be the best buck fifty you ever spent. Sweet with a iss of pineapple, and spicy with all those wonderful peppers that make tacos so delicious, you will not care to miss out on these babies.

El Tizoncito TaqueriaEl Tizoncito Taqueria has several locations and ready to fill your inner-taco desires.

20110424-tacos-morelos - 11Stop talking about truck stop tacos. We know they are open around the clock, but so is Cool and Hot on the weekends. Eat up, these are good.


Not as adventuresome as you make out to be but still want a good taco? Head over to one of the Rusty Taco locations. These are solid. try the breakfast tacos, lads.

velvetVelvet Taco catches some flack for not being “authentic”, and perhaps because these are so pretty, or they do not cost a dollar. But the tacos have killer ingredients and are so damned good. Call ’em gringo tacos if you wish.

trompo tacosFor oh so long we have been raiding the tacos at a little gas station across from Bachman lake who hosts Trompo Tacos. Great stuff on the cheap, of course.

Our little secret late night taco is Taqueria Lupita on Henderson. You may have been, and they have a huge assortment of tacos on the cheap. What you may not know is that you can order a platter of sweetbreads for almost nothing and make your own sweetbread tacos. They do not sell them pre-assmebled for whatever wacky reason, but the order is enough to make nearly ten tacos for about five bucks.

The Whole Tamale!



Our favorite tamale in Dallas can be found at the Dallas Farmers Market. La Popular is the final word in the Mexican-style tamale, and you can eat them by the dozen while standing in line for the BBQ at Pecan Lodge.



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