The Moose Report: Cinco de Mayo Enchilada Eating Competition

01_2014_05_Enchiladas-27by Alex “Moose” Perez  photo by Robert Bostick

Enchiladas Restaurant located on Greenville Ave is hosting it’s 3rd Annual Enchilada Eating Competition again this year to be held May 3rd at 1pm.  The contest coincides with Enchiladas Restaurants Cinco de Mayo celebration on Saturday.  Sign up was closed May 1st but that doesn’t prevent you from feasting your eyes on some crazy enchilada eating.  

Competitors will have 10 minutes to throw down as many enchiladas as possible.  Winner will take home the grand prize of a trip for two to where else, Mexico of course.  Last years event was won by Nathan who was able to chomp 57 enchiladas who holds the record.  Will someone be able take down the record?  This Saturday might prove to have not only a champion but perhaps he grand title.

Prepare yourself to be treated to what should be a great day of eating and fun at Enchiladas Restaurant.

cinco de mayo enchilada eatin comp



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