Margarita Meltdown May 25th *WIN TWO FREE TICKETS

margaritadog-thumb-250x375by Jennifer Thomas

Celebrity trainer, Jillian Michaels, recently said Dallas should stop drinking so many margaritas. She might as well tell us to stop breathing.

Originally just tequila and lime juice, the margarita dates back to 1924 and didn’t make its way to the United States until Cointreau introduced it in 1962. Dallasites have been making up for lost time ever since. Whether it’s the tried and true margarita, or a newly concocted variation, we’re inviting the best margaritologists to compete to find the best margarita in Dallas at the fourth annual Dallas Margarita Meltdown.   

Created by Tony Fernandez (Espumoso Caffe) and Nico Ponce (Backdrop Bloc Events), the Margarita Meltdown will take place during Memorial Day weekend on Sunday, May 25 from 5-10pm in Dallas’ historic Bishop Arts District.

The best bartenders from thirty-two competing restaurants will compete for a $1000 cash prize and the prestigious title of best margarita in Dallas. Various happy hour events leading up to the Margarita Meltdown, presented by Milagro and Cointreau, will begin in May at participating establishments in Bishop Arts District, Uptown, Knox Henderson, Deep Ellum, Lower Greenville and Downtown.

All attendees will have the opportunity to sample up to 32 margaritas and vote on their favorite one via text message. Over 15,000 people have attended Margarita Meltdown events in Dallas, Ft Worth and San Antonio over the past three years, and over 5,000 are expected to attend this year in Dallas and San Antonio.

Tickets for the event are $30 online. For more information, visit the official website.

To win TWO free tickets to the event, leave your boozy comments below. We will select our winner at random using science, and announce Friday, May 23, 2014.



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39 responses to “Margarita Meltdown May 25th *WIN TWO FREE TICKETS

  1. Oh, pick me! I want free tickets

  2. Katherine

    I use to be a bartender and made the best top shelf margs, plz, I’m your gal.

  3. Stefania

    I won’t miss this! Free would be even better!

  4. I would luuurve to tickle my tonsils with some limey-icey nectar of the gods!
    Pretty please with salt on the rim?!

  5. Tmac

    please baby please pick me #dontmakemebeg

  6. Can’t wait to attend with friends!

  7. David Johnson

    Available for body shots….. thanx.

  8. I love tickets!

  9. Dan H

    I love margaritas and I love science. Let’s do this!

  10. Foster Brooks for President!

  11. Jen

    I want to win but only if I can take Steven!

  12. I need free tickets!

  13. Melissa Tucker

    Please pick me I’ve never been and would love too.

  14. Angela

    I’d love to go!!!

  15. LuAnn Bergman

    With all I am doing for Memorial Day for the vets, I’m gonna need a meltdown – STAT!

  16. Mo

    Margaritas . . . yum.

  17. Mardi

    I think you need some beautiful spicy, sexy Dallas personality like myself ti make this event really rock!

  18. Carla Hollis

    Margaritas Meltdown?
    I’m in!!!!!

  19. paula wilson

    Arriba Ariiba with salt and lime!!!

  20. Kyle B

    Sounds like a good time. While I understand this is about the best margarita & the award…you should also have categories like Cocktail Social (artistic flare) or Mixer Elixir (entertainer).
    Kyle B

  21. Agnes

    I love OC and margaritas!

  22. Tina Stelnicki

    Me! Me! oh yessss, please…. pick me!

  23. David Hudgens

    Julian Michaels has drunk too much protein powder! It has definitely affected her ability to discern the great health benefits of margaritas.

  24. Pam Le

    I’m retired, moved to Dallas to be close to children and grandchildren–but am ready for a margarita break!!!! This would be something the kids would NEVER expect me to do–but I will if I win!

  25. Christine

    MMMMMMargaritas! Si, por favor.

  26. ahhhhh! I hope I’m not too late! I missed it last year, hope I can make it this time around!!!

  27. We are awarding TWO pairs. Alexis Hull and Sara Salazar

  28. chauntaye

    Wow I would luv to win! I am a margarita junky!

    • Kyle B

      I would have loved to win & attend! But while $30 bucks is cheap to get your drink on, being a new home owner with 1 income…not likely I can attend. Unless one of the two winners needs a DATE!

  29. HUZZAH! I am ready to swig and smile! THANKS!!!

  30. Aurelio Martinez

    My cousin came from out of town and want to let him explore Dallas. I’m on a budget so this would really help! Pick me please!!!

  31. ulisajascott

    Yes I would love ticket to the margarita meltdown it’s my birthday weekend that week and I love margaritas Glorias my favorite please pick me

  32. Tonya garces

    I deserve these free tickets because being on the food stamp challenge this is the only legal way I can get free tequila.

  33. Stefania

    Please pick me! I didn’t win last year, make me a winner this time!

  34. sherwin peterson

    ILove my Tequila i need two tickets

  35. Laura

    I’d love to win tickets! Sad I was late and now they’re sold out! pick me!!

  36. I want to be there when RESTO takes the WIN

  37. shanetra culpepper

    I sure hope I win… #memorialdaywasted

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