The Moose Report: Pluckers Wing Bowl a Huge Success

29_2014_05_Pluckers_Wing_Comp-176-2by Alex “Moose” Perez  photos by Robert Bostick

Plucker’s Wing Bar in Addison had their 2nd Annual Chicken Wing Eating Competition last Thursday.  From the turnout, it was a huge success for the establishment.  It helped that The Ticket was doing a revolving live feed with different guests.  Also on hand were The Ticket sport girls who were handing out tons of prizes to guests.  The eating competition was to be the last event for Plucker’s.  There were several familiar faces within the local amateur eating field.   29_2014_05_Pluckers_Wing_Comp-73-Edit

The wing eating competition commenced immediately at 8pm with approximately 30 eaters in the first round and another 35 in the 2nd round.  The competition was just as gruesome and dirty as one would have thought.  The eaters began ripping wings and drumsticks apart with such fiery that on-lookers in the crowd were left in shock.  You could see bones being tossed around as eaters viciously gobbled as much chicken meat from them.  Some only ate in the single digits and then there were some eaters that ate a few dozen wings.  There could only be one winner crowned.



At the end of the competition, the final winner was Tyson Henry with an outstanding  53 Plucker wings.  He was able to accomplish this feat with the help of a very delicious beer by his side.  Stay tuned for more eating competitions this summer.


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