Win A Nespresso U Milk

nespresso_umilkby Steven Doyle

Been naughty or nice? Doesn’t matter. Our friends at Nespresso want to give away a Nespresso Umilk to one lucky craveDFW reader. This is a fantastic gift for you or a friend. The suggested retail price of the Nespresso Umilk is $229. The Umilk embodies a new generation of Nespresso machines. With its pure and elegant lines, flexible design, and its tactile interface, U is the new accomplice of our daily life.   


•Removable water tank: 0.8 liters
•Used capsules container capacity: 12
•Empty water tank detection
•Optimized heat up time
•Automatic shut off after 9 minutes, programmable
•Cable storage
•Electronic ‘full capsule container’ indicator
•No-drip nozzle
•Fast preheating time: 25 seconds
To win this beauty for your very own, merely make comment below and we will select one lucky reader at random. We will hand deliver this baby to your door of choice. Winner selected at random Monday, December 29, 2015. This is the gift that keeps on giving.


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77 responses to “Win A Nespresso U Milk

  1. Marc Moberg

    This is great. Thanks for the giveaway.

  2. Ian Wright

    i need that!!!

  3. This would be a great product to win.

  4. Slade


  5. Lisa

    pick me!

  6. Rachel Gillespie

    Know someone who would really love this!

  7. This would make me MUCH nicer in the AM.

  8. Martin K

    Can’t live without coffee! I have two young kids!

  9. Abigail Coben

    This is the best giveaway!! Pick me pretty please Steven!!!

  10. amy evans

    Yeah you right!

  11. Would be nice to finally win something.

  12. Lindsay

    After spending most the night putting together a dollhouse, I neeeed coffee!

  13. Stefania

    Cool! I’d love one!

  14. Laura Haberman

    I am trying to become a coffee drinker. But I just can’t find anything I like.

  15. Darrell Williams

    I really like Nespresso. My sister has had one for years, and I’ve enjoyed using it when visiting her. They are a great piece of engineering and make a great cup of coffee.

  16. Gromit's Feeder

    Really need this for the 20 remaining bowl games!

  17. wendy maclean

    I Super would love to win this gorgeous machine! Nespresso machines make wonderful coffee. 🙂

  18. Sandy J

    Me, me, me! 👍😃

  19. Fernando Cruz


  20. Wendy Santos

    I would to have this baby !!! I am a coffee drinker.

  21. Jones Dorothea

    I asked Santa for an espresso machine but he forgot my new address… It’s ok Santa, I know I move a lot.

  22. Jody Gilbertson

    Please, me!

  23. Natalie

    Merry Christmas and a nespressso good morning!

  24. James McFadyen

    Nespresso always nice

  25. Mo

    I have the perfect spot in the kitchen for it!

  26. Debbie Lanz

    Would love to have this coffee machine!

  27. Michael Chen

    pick me!

  28. Phil

    Oh pick me

  29. Agnes

    My dog loves coffee!

  30. Phillip

    This awesome! Thanks for the opportunity

  31. Angela

    I’d love to have this!

  32. marygerush

    I have the perfect spot on the counter all picked out.

  33. twinwillow

    A good friend has a Nespresso and really loves it. I’m so jealous ’cause I want one too!

  34. Coffee Lover

    We spend so much @ our neighborhood Starbucks. It would be great to make our own!!!!

  35. Simone Hill

    My sister in law has a Nespresso machine and it is the best!

  36. David Johnson

    Oooooh, this would be soooo niiiiiice…….. 😀

  37. Grant

    I’d love to have one of these in my office for my early morning cup of coffee and an afternoon pick me up !

  38. Trent

    Mmmmmm….nespresso keeps me sane. Merry Christmas.

  39. Rob

    Merry Christmas – I would love to use this machine at the office

  40. Ann Hallam

    Nespresso makes THE BEST COFFEE! And the frother also makes a perfect cup of coffee!!! No other machine can compare!!!

  41. Tom Steele

    pick me!

  42. Stephen Halpin

    You have no idea how badly I need this!!!!

  43. Sarah

    This would go great with some cheddar cheese pepper biscuits and zip code honey. We will make and we will share.

  44. Jen Hairston

    I really need a Christmas miracle. This needs to be mine!

  45. Joy Browder

    I would love to win this!

  46. Paul Risk

    This would be great addition to our kitchen counter! What a great start to the New Year.

  47. Keith Bauman

    Winning this would be a great way to start the new year

  48. Sam

    We desperately need the caffeine to make it through the holidays!!!

  49. I need to replace the coffee maker I’ve owned since 2003!!!

  50. Kathryn Hovey

    Gotta win gotta win gotta win

  51. Fred Schoneman

    looks like a great coffee machine !

  52. Tammy

    Yes, please!

  53. Joey Allette and Nespresso fill my days with happiness!

  54. Eduardo De La Cruz

    Love the Nepresso shop at North Park. Love all the variety! Hope I win.

  55. Hong Pham

    I love Nespresso!! So happy we finally have a store front at Northpark!

  56. Cynthia Pearson

    I hope I win!!

  57. Kevin Trevino

    Trying again.

  58. Jennifer Tobar

    I Need U Nespresso U Milk really bad!

  59. Jennifer Tobar

    I Need U Nespresso U Milk!

  60. Randy J

    Would love this for my wife! Thanks Crave dfw!

  61. Laura P

    I love coffee this would be great!

  62. Arjay

    My fiance has me hooked on coffee and this would be awesome to win for both of us!

  63. Michelle D

    Happy Holidays – thanks for the giveaway!

  64. Nespresso Convert

    I wanted to buy myself one for Christmas, so this would be so great.


  65. Happy 2015 wife

    …and the winner is ME! My husband won’t talk after his 1st cup of coffee- please please please.. I.. I mean … WE really need it! Happy 2015! 🙂

  66. Peter M

    Nice upgrade in their line.

  67. Happy 2015 wife

    I tried to say – my husband won’t talk unless he will finish his 1st cup of coffee- please disregard previous post because it was posted without having a good cup of coffee in our new Nespresso Umilk! ..thanks!

  68. Ellie

    WHAT HO!?!?! DID I WIN IT???

  69. Victoria P.

    I hope I’m not to late! I’d love to have one of these!!

  70. Rho

    Mommy needs COFFEE!😍

  71. How Awesome is this?

  72. Sarah C

    Way too cool!

  73. Michael

    I really need a cup of coffee every morning… wife was right!

  74. Mara

    Would love to own this!

  75. Kathryn Hovey wins this little beauty. Congratulations! Look for more contests before the end of the year, and in 2015.

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