Fearing Partners With Local A Bar N Ranch

fearing Texas Wagyu beef has gained a permanent place on the Fearing’s dinner menu, thanks to a new partnership between the restaurant and A Bar N Ranch in Sherman and Celina, Texas. A renowned local breeder of genetically-tracked Japanese/American Black Angus cattle, A Bar N is located a short drive from Fearing’s and delivers what is consistently considered the highest quality Kobe-style beef in the region. Fearing’s first introduced Texas Wagyu in December 2013 and 2014. With demand proving strong, the restaurant offered it again for Valentine’s weekend 2015. As of this month, Fearing’s is offering the coveted locally-grown beef as a permanent menu selection, beginning with its current Surf & Turf offering of Wagyu Beef Filet with Chicken-Fried Maine Lobster, Loaded Whipped Potatoes and a Soft Spinach Taco with Smoked Tomato Gravy.  “We have found A Bar N’s Wagyu to be the best thing ever to hit the grill,” said Chef Dean Fearing. “The flavor and tenderness of this beef is like nothing I’ve ever experienced, and I really look forward to working with it on a permanent basis. I’m also thrilled to be collaborating with a truly local partner, whose product is treasured by our guests.” Wagyu beef is bred via Kobe Japanese genetics and has recently established itself abroad — with Texas becoming one of the premier homes for the breed. Wagyu’s superior genetics, which are combined with Texas’s own Black Angus cattle, ensure optimum marbling, tenderness, flavor and health benefits. With a reduced saturated fat content, Wagyu is considered more tender and tasty than many types of beef, offering a higher than usual percentage of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. A Bar N Ranch focuses on perfecting marbling in every one of its beef cuts, by tracking genetics and marbling quality in each individual cow. The full-time nutritionist at A Bar N, which covers 4,000 pastoral acres, frequently visits Japan to study Kobe feeding practices, and the ranch’s pasture-raised, grain-finished livestock are kept stringently free of man-made growth hormones and other harmful synthetics. A Bar N Ranch spent seven years perfecting its cattle genetics before ever bringing its beef to market. Upcoming Wagyu beef selections at Fearing’s Restaurant will include a deeply flavorful strip loin, Tomahawk chops, carpaccio and multiple filet-based dishes. For reservations, please call 214-922-4848. Fearing’s is located at The Ritz-Carlton, Dallas, at 2121 McKinney Avenue


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    A Bar N Ranch in Celina provides the beef for one of the top chefs in Dallas. I was introduced to Dean Fearing and his resturaunt several years ago and absolutely loved it. We have been back many time, the tortilla soup is a spectacular starter with flavors that blow your mind, my wife is a fan of the quail. The main dishes are all you could ask for in a southwest west dish, I am particularly fond of the Wagyu filet and chicken fried Main lobster. It is good to know the beef is coming from right here locally in Celina, TX.

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