Cedar Creek’s Dankosaurus IPA

cedar creekby Jordan Burke

Drinking beer is a favorite hobby of mine.  Dankosaurus I.P.A., by Cedar Creek Brewery, is hands down my favorite beer at the moment.  Now I cannot say I enjoy all I.P.A.’s, but this one has helped open my mind to a whole new world of beer.  That deep dank smell with citrus and pine flavor always remind me of my other favorite “hobby”.  Truly a must try for all the west coast style I.P.A. fans.  I can remember the first time I sampled this monster. 

There are few nights that stand out in recent memory of such awesome beer discovery, with few and far between.  A friend had recommended we try out some new bar with a good beer selection and good food, turns out I like both.  We get to this place and its jam packed with an almost hour wait.  He assures me the food alone was worth it, and he got a couple of pints from the bar while we waited.

My friend handed me a beer and before I could take a sip he told me to breath in a deep whiff.  I was caught off guard, my first instinct was to look around for the five-0.  I sipped and was equally suspicious of what my friend had just handed me, and I was hooked.  I don’t remember how many I polished off that night, because it wasn’t my night to drive, but north of five for sure.  The next day I went out and bought three packs of that dank beer and make it a point to keep it in my fridge at all times.

I live in North Texas and there is no denying the abundance of amazing beers produced here. Discovering new and bold local brews is something all D/FW craft drinkers share.  I feel that also drives the brewer’s themselves to make better and crazier stuff, it’s kind of perfect.  I hope you have the opportunity to sample what’s out there.


Jordan Burke works at LUCK in Trinity Groves, and is one of our new beer contributors. You will find Jordan behind the bar pouring one of the many local brews that LUCK has to offer.

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