Corner Bar Sold *Update

DSC06421by Steven Doyle

You may have noticed that the Corner Bar, the perennial SMU favorite located across from Henry’s Majestic on McKinney and Monticello has been closed. It was sold this week to the same owner of Inwood Tavern, Len Critcher.

Critcher has been described as a serial entrepreneur, with his first success in the start up eCarList in 2006 which he eventually sold for $48mm. Critcher is a recognized authority in online inventory management and is currently serving as CEO at OrderMyGear.  

He has done some terrific things with Inwood Tavern, which was owned by Ivy Tavern owners, Tom and Lisa Georgalis. The couple sold Inwood in 2014 just before opening opening the wildly popular Ivy.

The former owners of Corner bar were Steve and Brandy Spence, both CIA grads who formerly worked at Shensei. We interviewed that couple in 2013 when they first purchased Corner.

Look for some major updates at Corner, including a kitchen redo, according to our sources. More on this story as it progresses.

*Update: We now hear that Corner Bar will re-open as Chelsea Corner.


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  1. Harrison Price

    any guess as to when the bar will re open?

  2. Brian

    Can we get an update on this?

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