Tortas, and Tacos and Gorditas at Torteria Insurgentes

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In that ever vigilant search for the perfect taco, gordita or torta, we stumbled across a gem that will have you excited. Brush up on your Spanish before making an entrance, it could prove vital. Regardless, the employees at Torteria Insurgentes located at 3701 W Northwest Highway near Bachman Lake will have plenty to offer starting with breakfast at 8am, and on into the evening as they close at 10pm.   




At Torteria Insurgentes we found some pretty spectacular chilaquiles, but also some of the best  tortas, quesadillas, sopes, gorditas, alambres and tacos around. Do not be thrown off by the sparse surroundings, but instead embrace your inner Mexican and order up your share of tripa, hongos (mushroom), campechanos, or pastor tacos, p,us plenty more fillings to choose from. Use those same fillings to top your sopas or stuff your gordita (the latter being much more preferred to a taco).

There are plenty of tortas to choose from as well, including the very popular Cubana, which is fully loaded and a real handful; the Mexicana made with beef, chorizo and cheese; the Pachuqueña made with milanesa (beef fritter), ham and cheese; or the Brasileña made with eggs, chiorizo and cheese. In all there are about twenty varieties of tortas to choose from. This is true for most torterias who made these delicious sandwiches, and all are on a large bolillo bun.




torta cab

The restaurant is super affordable, with the most expensive item priced at seven bucks. You will want to make several visits to be able to sample everything.


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