5 Ways DFW Residents Can Save On Their Electric Bill


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5 Ways DFW Residents can Save on their electric bill

To some, saving money means scrutinizing basic spending habits in order to locate unnecessary expenses and begin cutting them. That weekly stop at Starbucks may become bi-weekly, while Friday restaurant dinners may become more of a treat. It’s easy to think about our expenses as external things and far too often we fail to realize that saving can actually begin by making just a few minor changes at home. The best part about those changes is that they are usually quick and easy, allowing us to hold onto more of our hard-earned dollars. Realizing big savings can be as simple as implementing these five money saving strategies.

Use a Timer For Lights

Light timers are devices that can be pre-set to turn your lights on or off at specific times throughout the day. These timers have a number of benefits, first and foremost being their ability to reduce the expense incurred when lights are left off in the home. A very unique secondary benefit comes in the form of overall home security as lights can be scheduled to turn on for short periods while you are outside of the house, giving the illusion of activity and warding off potential danger. Timers can be used on other electronic devices as well, meaning you can power down your desktop, cable box, or other electronic devices while you sleep. You can turn them on back in the morning after a money saving rest.

A/C and Smart Thermostats

Especially in the warmer months, manipulating the thermostat to ensure you stay cool within your home is essential to making it through. The only problem with traditional thermostats are that like all manual things, they are subject to human error and limited by our input. That means that we have to be the ones making the adjustments and if ever we forget to power them down, they continue to run. On the market now are smart thermostats, energy efficient devices designed to help you overcome traditional heating and cooling limitations. Smart thermostats can learn your temperature preferences and your schedule, and adjust the temperature as you come and go so that they use energy as efficiently possible. Many smart thermostats are paired with apps, allowing you to manually change the temperature when you’re out, as well as get up to date information. It is the energy conservation that this device promotes that offers homeowners a great opportunity to save some money.


Turn to Grilling

As the warmer months arrive, they bring with them the ability to leave the kitchen behind and instead turn to cooking in the great outdoors. Beyond serving as a great way to make some lasting summer memories, grilling is wonderful means of saving energy. It has a dual-purpose benefit as not only are you likely to utilize less energy when cooking on the grill in comparison to in the oven, you are able to circumnavigate the natural heating caused by cooking with an oven. Usually this forces homeowners to turn on the air conditioning to regulate the temperature again, but this is done at a cost. Getting outside also allows you to turn off the lights and other electronic devices within the home, once again saving you power.

Take Shorter Showers

A long, hot shower never fails to make take off a bit of the load we accumulate each day. The harder the day, the longer the shower typically. What most people overlook is how costly this tried and true remedy actually is. The first cost comes in the form of water, as an eight-minute shower is said to be responsible for around 18 gallons of water being used. Even greater than that cost is the one that occurs as a result of the energy required to heat the water.  Findings show that water heating makes up roughly twenty-five percent of consumed energy, which means that by finding a way to reduce your consumption, even just a little, you will realize savings. By taking shorter showers, the amount you’ll put back in your pocket will add up and if you can enlist the help of the others within your home, you’ll likely be amazed by the savings.

Get HVAC Systems Inspected

The HVAC is the system that regulates temperature within the home and requires annual maintenance to ensure it is in proper working condition. While it may seem paying maintenance on the HVAC system would be counterproductive to saving, making sure that it is inspected actually has the opposite effect. Over time dirt is able to build up along the coils of the system, making it more difficult for the compressors to run and forcing the machine to expend more energy. When the HVAC uses more energy, the spending required to maintain its activities increases as well. Untreated dirty coils also increase the likelihood of damage to the machine occurring, meaning even more money would need to be paid. Simply having your system inspected and cleaned annually can help you to reduce costs all around. And even better, newer HVAC systems are equipped to minimize energy consumption, further increasing the amount saved.  

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