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41185026_325584854861693_6120305401545097216_n.jpgby Nafeisa Shukair-Farley

Looking for your favorite seafood customized to your taste buds?  Want to crack crabs but not have your hands smell fishy? Look no more as the Shell Shack in Denton has officially completed its remodel and ready for you to dine.

Shell Shack, which opened this past Spring recently remodeled adding its signature colorful chalkboard walls and white tables.  The décor has changed but not the food which is still customized to your liking using the freshest ingredients. And don’t worry, the hospital-grade handing washing machine is available that cleans your hands and shines your jewelry at the same time.


Every wonder what happens when you combine crab and potatoes?  You get the best crab tater tots that crunch when you bite into it then melts in your mouth.  The tots are the perfect segue to get ready for the “Boil.”

The Boil is seafood made the way you like it.  Pick your seafood and wet marinade which can be as spicy or as mild as you like.  I recommend picking the “kitchen sink,” a combination of all spices which seasons the seafood to perfection.  The Boil is served in a big plastic bag made for dumping out on a large platter and using your hands to eat which makes the meal fun.  At the end of the meal, your hands will be covered in the wet marinade that can be licked off or you can use the hand washing machine. For those who don’t want to get their hands dirty, you ask for your Boil to be “Uptown Style,” where the staff deshells the fish for you.



Not feeling crabby?  No worries! Shell Shack has options that includes burgers, chicken, wings and more so there is always something to choose from and good to eat, including desserts.

In addition to customized seafood, Shell Shack has signature cocktails crafted by their Master Mixologists which includes The Blue Hawaiian made with Rum, Blue Curacao, Real CoCo and pineapple juice.  This drink paired with the fresh seafood will make you feel just like you are on the beach.


Ready for dessert?  You will be when you see the dessert options available.  Choose from homemade carrot cake to smooth gelato as a perfect way to end your meal.  I am partial to the ultimate chocolate cake with chocolate chips clinging to the side of the cake just waiting to be eaten.

If you are looking for a place to bring a date, the Shell Shack is perfect.  There is so much to be learned about a person while they are cracking crab, eating with their hands or choose to go “Uptown Style.”

Shell Shack is located at 2303 N Interstate 35, Denton, TX 76205 and ready for you to visit.

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