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Craving Seafood? So Are We!

seafood-tower-pappasby Steven Doyle

There is no doubt that the people at Crave enjoy great seafood, and what a marvelous time of year to enjoy delicious creatures from the sea. Although none of us are Catholic at Crave (more heathen that anything else), the lenten season gives us great reason to jump on the wagon to good food. From briny oysters to sweet crabs of all sorts and so much more.

With a great craving today for seafood we wish to reminisce over nine great dishes we have had recently that involved seafood. Indulge us. Continue reading

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Where To Find Your Black-Eyed Peas For New Years Day

peasby Steven Doyle

Black-eyed peas have long been a traditional New Years dish with the thought that they bring the eater good luck. The tradition dates back to the Civil War, when Union troops, especially in areas targeted by General William Tecumseh Sherman, typically stripped the countryside of all stored food, crops, and livestock, and destroyed whatever they could not carry away. At that time, Northerners considered “field peas” and field corn suitable only for animal fodder, and did not steal or destroy these humble foods. It’s a southern thing.

There are a few great places to enjoy your personal pot of good luck in the Dallas area. Certainly look to the obvious spots such as Celebration on Lovers Lane in Dallas where they have been serving  southern hospitality since 1971. In addition to your black-eyed peas, you can also find a great chicken fried steak, catfish, meatloaf and other hearty dishes to start your year off right.   Continue reading

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Shell Shack Rings in Crawfish Season


The start of each new year brings new possibilities. Here in 2020, that means a new opportunity to eat crawfish. So, good news: the season for enjoying those delicious mudbugs has arrived, and Shell Shack is your go-to spot for getting them. Continue reading

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Shell Shack Offers Free Bottle of Champagne NYE


The hardest part of New Year’s Eve is deciding where to celebrate. But Shell Shack has solved that problem for you by hosting a fun and festive party.  There’s no cover to get in, but there will be plenty of food and drinks. The kitchen will be serving up delicious crab, catfish. oysters, shrimp and other favorites all night long, while the bar pours beer, bubbly and creative cocktails. Continue reading

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Restaurants Aiding Victims



Ariana Hajibashi sent this note to me with a bit of relief for the  Dallas tornado victims. Ariana has a per firm that works with restaurants, so see this fireball if your company needs help with  public relations – she can help.

She  has two clients willing to help those in need so far, but I felt it prudent to run the list as is, we can add later. If your restaurant has a deal for victims, send me a note at Steven@cravedfw.com Continue reading

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Free Chowder at Shell Shack Today


Shell Shack invites diners to “chowder down” and celebrate National Clam Chowder Day with a FREE bowl of clam chowder with a purchase of an entree.

Clam Chowder is steeped in history and traces its origins back to 1800s New England, where it may have been the first truly American soup. The term “chowder” originated from the French word “chaudiere,” which refers to the large pot used by fishermen to cook fish stews. Continue reading

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