Dick’s Last Resort Will Change Name for U.S. Women’s Pay Equality


Standing in solidarity with the brash and victorious women’s soccer team, Dick’s Last Resort is pledging to change its name if the U.S. Soccer Federation does the right thing and pays the women on par with their male counterparts.

The legendary chain renowned for its sassy servers, delicious food and memorable experiences will convert its restaurants nationwide to Chicks & Dick’s Last Resort for a minimum of one month when and if the federation shows them the money.

“Equal pay for equal work is no joke, and neither is our pledge,” said Chief Financial Officer Shane Sparks. “Like most Americans, we burst with pride when Megan, Alex, Rose and the others captured their second-consecutive world championship last weekend in France. But we shook our heads in disbelief at the ridiculous disparity in their pay. It’s a reflection of a deep-rooted societal injustice that simply has to change, so we’re doing our small part to help them reach this most historic goal.”

In addition, Dick’s is introducing two themed cocktails for the month of August in celebration of the world’s most kick-ass chicks. And to support the next generation of champions, the restaurant will donate $1 to youth girls soccer programs in its local communities from the sale of each of the following drinks:

The Equalizer  A bold blend of Captain Morgan Rum, Crystal Lite and a splash of Rosé sprinkled with Heath bits

Purple-Haired Badass  Drink like a champion with this audacious mix of Ole Smoky White Lightning and Blackberry Moonshine with Raspberry Puree and your choice of regular or sugar-free Red Bull.

Dick’s is also inviting members of the victorious U.S. team to drop by any time for a meal on the house.

“We’d be honored to put a chef’s hat on those ladies and serve up a delicious complimentary meal any time they like, at least until they start making the big bucks!” Sparks said. “Then they can pay full boat, just like the guys!”

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  1. JoeSnow

    What they fail to understand, is that men’s sports makes a helluva lot more money than women’s sports, so they can afford to pay bigger salaries to male athletes. Paying female athletes the same as male athletes, will drive the females teams into bankruptcy, because the money simply isn’t there.

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