Cameron Diaz’s Wine — What is it All About?

Cameron Diaz believes empowerment involves being healthy — she leads a healthy lifestyle, only consuming foods that are sustainable, organic, and simple. While she’s been conscious about her eating habits, she didn’t always pay the same emphasis on her wine. She trusted that wines being advertised and marketed as organic would live up to that name. She believed, like most of us, that wine is simply fermented grapes.

But, she recently realized that most store-bought wines consist mostly of chemicals, preservatives, pesticides, fungicides, and other additives. She was horrified by this discovery, and so she set about investigating the matter. She learned that there’s a shocking lack of regulation and oversight in the wine industry. Manufacturers can basically slap the “organic” label on any bottle of wine, regardless of the production process.

Cameron Diaz was determined to shake things up. She got together with her entrepreneurial friend Katherine Power, whom she met via her sister-in-law Nicole Richie, and decided to produce a brand of wine that’s truly organic, vegan, and transparent about its ingredients. Introducing Avaline (known by some as Cameron Diaz Wine), the most exciting organic wine brand of 2020, ready to shake the wine industry out of its doldrums.

Avaline is a natural, organic, and vegan wine brand that features all the ingredients on the label, so you know exactly what you’re putting into your body. Below, we highlight the primary components or features of Avaline, Cameron Diaz’s exceptionally organic wine brand.


Most store-bought wines contain over 70 chemicals, preservatives, pesticides, fungicides, and other additives. Some chemicals are introduced to increase the wine’s shelf life, some to kill invasive insects, and some to produce a strong color. In fact, the purple color on your tongue when you drink red wine is a sign of a chemical component called Mega Purple! Avaline was born because of the need for clean, organic, and healthy wine brands. It’s made with fermented grapes — there are no additives and preservatives to alter the wine’s composition.


There’s a common assumption that all wine is vegan — that’s why wine is often the drink of choice amongst pure vegans. However, wine is often filtered through egg whites and fish bladder lining to attain its texture and flavor. Since these components are used for filtration, they’re not usually acknowledged as ingredients, even though they’re a crucial part of the production process. However, Avaline is truly vegan because it doesn’t use egg whites, fish components, etc., at any stage of the production process.


There’s little to no oversight in the wine industry. Manufacturers can slap the “organic” label on any bottle of wine as a marketing gimmick; the word lacks legal definition. Most wine bottles are extremely deceptive with their claims and ingredients as well. However, Cameron Diaz believes in complete transparency, and the Avaline brand embodies that philosophy. Each Avaline bottle carries a clear label listing all the ingredients and components used in the entire production process, so you know exactly what you’re putting into your body.

So, what’s Cameron Diaz’s wine all about, you ask? Well, Avaline is organic, vegan, and transparent.

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