The Art of Effective Essay Writing: Tips and Secrets from Experts

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The approaches to writing academic essays are often a secret for many students. Preparing some large paper with great structure is not easy. Consequently, a good idea is to learn assignment writing from professionals. In this article, we will provide a set of relevant tips that will assist you with delivering papers of the utmost quality. Are you ready?

Secret 1. 8 Tips to Master the Art of Writing English Essays

The first important step to consider is the creation of clear and definite plans for all written materials. In this regard, you should concentrate on the following section tips (they can change depending on the scope of the task):

  1. Introduction with a clear description of the goals and structure;
  2. Thesis statement with a great delineation of the main claims;
  3. Literature review that offers a presentation of the preceding discussion of your problem;
  4. Presentation of the main arguments, with the key aspects split into paragraphs and subsections;
  5. Presentation of the counterarguments
  6. Refutation of the counterarguments;
  7. Description of the implications: offer some value that stems from your paper, describe the research results that can help other reviews. 
  8. Provide conclusions that reiterate the main claims of your essay.

With his approach, you will never have a problem with the writing block. It usually arises when people have no clear plan for their activities. 

Secret 2. Write good thesis statements

Another great tip that can help you get a paper of high quality undoubtedly involves the creation of great thesis statements. It is very easy to create an original and personalized statement if you use some well-tested templates. In this regard, we recommend the following professional approach: 

  • Statement + linking word (because or since) + justification of the statement (main arguments or at least their sets that correspond to the content of the paper). 
  • For instance, you can make the following set of claims about some company and its market-related chances: 

it is suboptimal to be the customer of Jericho Inc. because the business does not offer a shipping service and fails to provide products created from scratch. 

Using the formula we provide, you can deliver a high-quality thesis statement in the absolute majority of cases. It does everything that your instructors expect by offering an insight into your main claim and previewing the main points of the paper.

Secret 3. Learn from the others

Now that we’ve described some of the key structure-centric elements, it is time to take a look at the best way to learn how to write fast. In this respect, the most potent idea is to concentrate on the work of other writers. Here, we can recommend the services of custom writer companies. There you can buy cheap samples of college essays in English. Typically, making an order is very easy. Then, you can get the help of the top writing expert to understand how to write strong essays perfect for the USA context. Ultimately, good essay writing services of this kind that can assist you in many scenarios is CustomWritings, which is a perfect space if you need custom help writing an essay.

Secret 4. Learn proper paragraph structure

An important aspect that can be of great assistance to you is the need to concentrate on good paragraph help too. Here, we have the following structure that can help you in the majority of cases:

  1. Topic sentence: describe the main aim of your paragraph;
  2. Argument that you want to advance followed by the evidence and its discussion (several approaches of this kind can appear in the paper);
  3. Conclusion for the section that reiterates the main points and gives a way to transition towards the next paragraph.

In many ways, one of the key concepts that can help you with preparing material is the ICE approach. In the first sentence of this structure, you introduce some concepts; the second one follows with a citation; lastly, a full-scale explanation arises that provides your personal vision of the approach. This method can make writing with very average English extremely potent because it will be, more or less, logical and well-structured.

Secret 5. Proofread everything 

A big mistake of many students is to send a paper as is. The best way to deliver good material is to ensure that it features no errors. In this regard, our recommendation is of the following kind: at first, let your text stay untouched for some time and give it some rest; after that, go through everything you’ve written at least twice. You’ll be shocked to see how many issues your text has. Well-timed proofreading will help too, more or less, completely remove them and ensure a high level of quality. In this light, however, if you have deadlines, the best chances of getting potent papers undoubtedly involve the focus on proper time management that will give you enough time to read everything in a detailed and strong manner.

Secret 6. Use assisting programs/software

All great writers use some form of assistance to deliver papers of high quality. In this respect, we can personally recommend the following software:

  1. Grammarly: the website can correct most of your small errors for free. A premium account there also enables the possibility of removing some stylistic and clarity-centric issues. Today, many instructors find the service to be so potent that it often appears in the sets of requirements for some essays. Don’t hesitate, try Grammarly today and improve your writing in a fantastic manner. If you want some alternatives, LanguageTool is a great choice too, albeit its functionality is not as advanced (however, it can target languages beyond English).
  2. Repetition Detector. This free online service gives you a chance to remove all repeating words from your essay. Just paste the text into the forms on the website and you will get all the necessary resources. In case you need some advanced options (we recognize that some people are simply failing at finding certain repeating words), a professional version of the software costs mere 7 dollars, which you have to pay only once.


To summarize, you can greatly benefit from a structured approach to writing and potent proofreading. If you add these elements to your writing routines, the overall quality of the materials is bound to rise in a tremendous manner. As for the other elements, only practice can help. The knowledge of English necessary for great essays can arise only in the case you study in an active and even, to a great extent, aggressive manner. Only practice and structure can help students today.

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